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Arcane's TD
Arcane's TD
Arcane's TD
Arcane's TD
Arcane's TD
Arcane's TD

Review Arcane's TD

Evgenii Kostrov
Arcane's TD is a very peculiar strategy of the Tower Defense category made ​​in the fantasy style. The game has very nice three-dimensional graphics and allows you to look at what is happening at any angle. Here you have no chance to see soldiers and military equipment from the enemy's part but there is an army actually and believe us, it's huge. The enemy army consists of goblins, scarab beetles, ghouls, and shamans. At that, the enemies always attack in different ways. Some of them assail by one, and some in huge hordes.
At your disposal there will be a sufficient number of defensive towers some of which use as weapons springalds and catapults, and others entirely rely on magic. In addition, you have several elemental weapons and to access them you need to click on the leftmost button at the bottom of the screen. However, their number is very limited. Each new wave of attacking evil brings hard-ball concerns into your fairytale world.


Despite the relatively high abundance of guns and towers, the victory will be a continuous struggle for you. That's because there is very little room in the locations and you can use only a part of your resources. And given the fact that there are also special enemies that require a certain type of weapon, you may just miss and install a tower that will be useless in the game. In addition, there are some characters among the enemies that can sneak into your territory even after death, and while even conventional weapons can easily cope with their original appearance, for the elimination of the soul you will have to use magic.
Even in tutorials you will encounter a situation when there will be no means for the construction of just one defensive tower. That is, you will have to start a battle without means of defense and in this case only magic can help you (above we wrote about how the switch to the mode activating the elemental weapons). Having selected a specific element you will have to mark the places on the road that need to be showered with, for example, the fiery lava or ice shards. At this, you should take into account the speed of the enemy so as not to waste your energy.

Upgrade nuances

There is also a possibility to upgrade defensive towers in this game but it is not quite usual and will cost you a lot of money. In most analogs you upgrade weapons and get more damage, higher rate and increase the radius of destruction. Here you will have to pay separately for each feature of guns. If you see a bunch of scarab beetles, you need a high rate of fire, if there is a strong shaman then the deadly force is needed. The upgrades are to be carried out only in this manner.


In total at your disposal there will be 6 types of towers, 19 upgrade options, and 8 magic spells. Despite the fact that the graphics of the game are realized in 3D, their quality cannot be called perfect. The sound of the game is good and fits perfectly into the gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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