Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD
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Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD
Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD
Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD
Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD
Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD
Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD

Review Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD

Evgenii Kostrov
Quality animation, quality 3d graphics, exciting game play, convenient controls
Kills your battery, paid continuation
Assassin's Creed™ - Altaïr's Chronicles HD is a very famous game from Gameloft which will sweep you with action and not let go until the very end. The game is designed in full 3D and all actions in it take place on the third-person basis. You will as an assassin named Altair visit five ancient cities including Jerusalem, Acre, Damascus, Tyre, and Aleppo.
The plot of the game tells us about how the main character lived before the first part of the game and essentially do not disclose to us the nature of missions which is why it seems that the assassin just travels and all his victims are guilty only in the fact that they carry a weapon. Most of the time Altair has to find his way through the streets of cities (somewhere overtly but somewhere secretly) and upon the roofs of various buildings, and meeting armed men he grabs the sword and the slaughter begins.


In addition to the action, here happen to be mini-games in which you have to, for example, steal the key to the gate of the city from the pocket of one of the characters. As it has already been mentioned, the game locations are presented in three dimensions, however, this does not fully work as the assassin must follow a prescribed route. While approaching some places in the vast locations there emerges a button that is responsible for some action on the screen. It is important not to miss this moment, otherwise the main character will keep flailing around instead of striking some roof bow and making a bridge.
It's not a secret that Altair has the ability to climb vertical walls. You will have the chance to use this technique not everywhere but when there is such a chance the main character doesn't mind anything and is not afraid of any enemies. Meanwhile, he really fears to fall from a great height so it is clearly not advisable to rush down from the rooftops God knows towards what.


Controlling in the game is carried out by using a multi-positional joystick located on the left side of the screen and virtual buttons having a permanent location on the screen to the right. Doing battle consists of using strong, weak and medium blows as well as protecting yourself with a shield. In some cases it is allowed to use a combo (alternate use of certain buttons) but they not always lead to the desired result. Combos are particularly ineffective when dealing with multiple enemies.


That is because they seldom attack at the same time, and when one of the opponents is killed, the other doesn't make him wait long. It turns out that by activating a combo you can quickly kill one of the opponents but the main character will continue to swing his sword in the direction of the corpse and thus place himself at risk for getting damage from another enemy. In the free version you can only get acquainted with the game playing through the first two locations. The full version contains an impressive number of levels that will allow you to spend a few fascinating evenings.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Me hutta download wenneth Na my3 WiFi eken download karanne paka
maithreepala sirisena
maithreepala sirisena17 Apr 2015, at 07:06
Pala huththo boru nokiya hitan
Mata hikauna BN Mata EPA mewa
from which region store i can get this game free? As in Indian store its showing paid?
mairhiripala sirisena
mairhiripala sirisena17 Apr 2015, at 07:13
India is fucking country
Vlad Popa
The app is a paid app, none of the region format stores are offering it free.
Fortunately the app does offer a demo version. Simply click on the "Paid version + Demo" button found above the review and it will direct you to the download page on the Microsoft Store. There simply click the "Try" button, instead of "Buy" and it will allow you to try out the app.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Mairthripala sirisena
Mairthripala sirisena17 Apr 2015, at 07:15
Yeeeee mother fuckr........
como descargar assasing cred gratis
Unable to install it in my Lumia 630,any suggestion please.
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