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Review Pipes

Evgenii Kostrov
Pipes is an incredibly exciting game for Windows Phone of the Plumbers genre in which you will be required extreme carefulness, logical thinking and patience. Despite the great abundance of various pipes and taps differing in shape, length and bends, you'll see not a drop of liquid. By the way, many comments about this fact have been written at the Windows Phone store - allegedly, it's not clear what and where should begin to flow, and it turns out that there's nothing to flow here at all.


Consider that the pipes have neither an input nor an output. Although, of course, there is one key piece of pipe from which it all starts. In general, the essence of the game is that you need to assemble a single structure of all the pieces of the pipe. Let then plumbers think of what to do with all the taps gotten. The main thing is not to leave a single element unengaged. Controlling in the game is very simple. Just make clicks on those elements of the pipe that you want to turn and your every touch of the screen will turn a certain tap 90 degrees clockwise.
As soon as you start the game, it will offer you to choose one of four levels of difficulty (all of which will be unlocked). In the "Easy" mode you will find the playing field in the size of 5x5 cells with 25 elements of the pipe. Mode "Medium" is a playing field of 6x6 cells. Mode "Hard" invites you to try your hand at solving the puzzle with 49 elements (7x7 cells) and in the "Expert" mode you will find the playing field is tantamount to a chess board (8x8).

Expert mode features

In the main menu of the game there is a switch called "Wrap mode" which works only in the most difficult mode. Its meaning lies in the fact that being active it allows you to transfer pipe joints to the opposite side of the screen (the last screenshot). That is, for example, the active pipe (of blue color) one end of which is in contact with the edge of the playing field, allows to engage a pipe which is situated on the opposite side of the playing field given that it (the second pipe) is also turned to the edge of the playing field with one of its ends. Thus one can use even those sections of the puzzle that are not accessible within the overall structure.


This is not to say that after the activation of the above-mentioned switch the game will become easier. Rather vice versa you will have to look for solutions covering a larger number of possibilities. The graphics in the game are very high-quality and there is nothing superfluous about it. The sound is completely absent so nothing prevents you from listening to music with your own player while you play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 2/10
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