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Review OneTouchDrawing

Evgenii Kostrov
OneTouchDrawing is a very interesting and yet incredibly challenging puzzle game for Windows Phone in which you will outline the drawings. At first glance it seems like a very simple task but there are some nuances that will reduce your number of nerve cells by a few billions.
All figures available in the game consist of straight segments that are interconnected with the help of dots. In order to be able to outline the next drawing, the current must be outlined in a single movement. At that, you shouldn't take your finger off the screen and the most difficult thing here is that you can slide your finger along one line only once. In general, it is necessary to find the right spot and go in the right direction. There are no other options to play the game.

Gameplay features

You will be able to assess the degree of difficulty of the game from the very first task although the drawings in them are not as multi-faceted as they will be later and are still in the 2D format. Imagine what lies ahead of you when you will have to outline the three-dimensional drawings. And this despite the fact that mistakes are not an option and you cannot undo any movement. To date the game has 150 levels and the developers claim that this is not the limit. Judging by the number of updates to the game in the Windows Phone store and the way the new levels are added, these words can be trusted.


The game is designed very simply. The playing field is made in dark colors and the drawing looks gray and unsightly until you start to work. The finger-painted lines are made ​​in the neon style which is very convenient. Firstly, it prettifies the game a little, and secondly, due to the bright color you will know exactly which lines have already been drawn. The main menu is performed in the style of Metro and has the same coloring of the tiles as is activated in the settings of the smartphone's design.


You can interconnect the dots only in those directions that are marked with light-gray lines. Once you move away from the route, draw a line where it already is, or try to go back - and you will hear a sound like breaking glass, the screen will get covered with cracks, and you will have to start all over again. At the beginning of the game when the drawings are not so extensional you can live with the reset of your advance and forced return to the beginning of the process but when the shapes become truly great and at this three-dimensional, failures will cause you to have panic attacks and despair. Generally speaking, it's better to run the game sitting at home in the evening, in a relaxed environment and not during the daytime bustle since its completing should be performed with the absolute peace of mind and concentration.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 4/10
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