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Review Collapsticks

Evgenii Kostrov
Collapsticks is a very exciting arcade game with a logical bias for Windows Phone in which you are to deal with matches. You all know what a house of cards is like, how difficult it is to assemble them and how easy to break. In this game you will see similar compositions but of matches. You won't have to build something and your only challenge will be a qualitative destruction of everything that catches your eyes. At this, a part of matches should fall into the abyss and those that remain on the playing field will have to be placed into boxes.
The distinctive feature of the game lies in the fact that you should make every effort to manage as many matches to fall and disappear out of sight as possible. Depending on the requirements of the level, you will need to first execute the specification on disappeared matches and only then to drop a few more matches to get more game points. In the lower left corner of the screen there is a kind of counter indicating the number of matches that must disappear to pass over to the next level. At first, the counter will tend to zero and then the "+" icon will appear next to it and its readings will start to increase (if you manage to overachieve the target).

Controlling and features of the gameplay

Controlling in the game is very simple. Touch matches and drag-and-drop them into the boxes. Until you remove the first match, the overall design is fixed but as soon as the first match (the most useless, in your opinion) happens to be in a box, the laws of physics will wallop the playing field and under their weight the matches will start to pile up or fall into the abyss. With each new level the playing field will see more stationery items (pencils, erasers, pins, and other items) that will impede the matches' fall to the bottom.
You have to calculate precisely with what match to begin and, in our experience, you should start with the most unprepossessing obstacles in the form of office pins between which a match will be trapped for sure. If fallen matches get stuck, don't set your hair on fire over this. You can put matches in boxes even one by one if you wish but you can also think about what disappeared match can cause another crash and then implement the plan.


If you don't want to trouble yourself with too difficult challenges of earning extra bonuses (when the counter has already been reset to zero), just tap the box and all the remaining matches will move into it and you can pass over to the next level. The free version provides you initially with 40 levels only but you can get access to twenty more levels having posted your positive feedback to the game at your Facebook page. The full version contains 120 challenges spread across 6 locations. The game is very addictive and will always help you while away your free time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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