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Road Tracks
Road Tracks
Road Tracks
Road Tracks
Road Tracks
Road Tracks

Review Road Tracks

Evgenii Kostrov
Road Tracks is a very interesting application for Windows Phone due to which car owners may come up with a question of whether to use a navigator or this application while driving. Users of the Nokia smartphones are a little bit luckier as their own maps can be run at the background and they will give the option to run Road Tracks simultaneously giving voice directions about the route.
Others will have to choose one of the two at least up until the developers implement the operation of this application at the background. So, in front of you is the application that can replace the DVR. Now it is enough to fix your smartphone to the windshield or dashboard of the car and you can record everything that happens on the road in excellent quality. In addition to the visual image of the road the program has the ability to convey a lot of other useful information.

The program's working process and its advantages

While recording a video you will not see other functions operating. However, while watching the saved video clips a mini-map from Google will emerge in the top right corner of the screen which will indicate your location along the whole route, and at the bottom of the screen the indicator dynamic loads will appear that can tell a lot about your style of driving and the quality of roads. The higher the showings are, the greater the greater load your accelerometer received during your trip. On this graph you can see how carefully you pull, stop and at what speed you enter turns.
All the recorded material can be sent to the cloud storage named SkyDrive (the smartphones based on Windows Phone 7.5 has a limit of 100Mb per clip). At the settings of the application it is possible to limit the amount of memory at which the movie will be erased and it will record a new one. In addition, there is a choice of metric systems and standards of the USA, the connection and disconnection of the GPS module, the auto-recording after you start to drive, and language settings.

Disadvantages of Road Tracks

Now let's talk about the disadvantages of the program which are not so little. So, the first thing many people are unhappy with is the inability to store videos on the SD-card (the record goes only to the internal phone memory). The second thing is the inability to transfer video to a PC via USB-cable (only sync with SkyDrive). The third disadvantage lies in the fact that the program records a movie as a whole while the actual navigators crop videos of 2-3 minutes to save.


Eventually, the fourth disadvantage was described at the beginning of this review - it's to operate the application at the background. To have or not to have the Road Tracks in your smartphone, it's up to you. However, in countries where the use of the DVR is prohibited by law the conclusion is obvious because it has not yet been forbidden to record with the phones.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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