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Review gravymatch

Evgenii Kostrov
Gravymatch is a very unique time-killer for Windows Phone which is perfect both for a long trip and for a five-minute queue. The main objective of the game is that we need to clear the playing field of colored tiles. To a large extent the game resembles Bubble Burst but here are a few differences. The first thing that catches the eye is the design of the playing field made in the style of the Metro. That is, you won't see any bubbles here and their role is assigned to square tiles which according to the laws of physics are always eager fall down. However, there is a caveat which is that the down in this game can be anywhere but more on this later.
To destroy clusters of colored tiles you need to double click on any of them, and if other tiles of the matching color adjoin it, they too will disappear bringing you some points. The distinctive feature of the game is that here you can destroy even a single tile though you will be rewarded with just one point for such a move. While the destruction of clusters of tiles the points are awarded by some interesting formula. One thing is for sure - the more tiles disappear in one move, the greater the reward is.

Gameplay nuances

Removing one tile at a time you can lower the others and thus create a combination of a larger number of tiles of the same color. To think easier, press the left touch-sensitive pointer (below the screen) and look through the information about how many tiles of a particular color are involved in the game (remain at the moment) and then you will understand tiles of what color you can try to integrate in order to achieve the maximum benefit from this. Believe us, it's worth it because the difference in some 7-10 tiles in the end may be a difference of several dozens of thousands of game points.
The game provides an opportunity to share your results with the same players as you and the data of the leaderboard are updated daily. Moreover, they are divided into the categories "Daily Results" and "Overall Results". There is no need to dwell on the game for weeks to become a leader. Your name may appear among the winners at any moment. The main thing is to try to destroy as little clusters of identical tiles with the largest number of them as possible.

Game modes and gravity nuances

Returning to the forces of gravity (as we promised), it is worth noting the fact that the tiles can fall in any direction and accumulate in every corner. As soon as you turn the smartphone, the tiles wallow in the other direction creating new clusters which you never knew were possible. The game has two sections and eight modes. Each section includes games with a field size of 3x5, 5x8, 7x11 and 12x20 tiles.


The differences between the sections are about the number of colors used on the playing field. In the first section it corresponds to the three, four, six and nine colors respectively to the size of the playing field mentioned above while in the second section there will be twice as much shades. That's all there is to say about the game. It is the great time-killer which you can download absolutely freely.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 4/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 4/10
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