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Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro
Gravity Pro

Review Gravity Pro

Evgenii Kostrov
Gravity Pro is a very unusual game for Windows Phone which can become a great time-killer for you. Already from the name of the game it is clear that you will have to deal with the gravity but the trick is not in the fact that it (the gravity) is simply present in the game. Usually, when it comes to the gravity forces, they write about the game that it is built on the laws of physics. While in this game you will have to vice versa violate them.

Objectives and tasks

The objective of the game is to take a little white ball to the portal that leads to the next level, and this can be done only with the help of the gravity and antigravity as well as several lines that the ball cannot overcome. If you start the game process without making any changes to the location, the ball will just fall into the abyss and then re-appear at the same spot of the start. In order to change the direction of flight of the ball relative to the horizontal, it is necessary to draw obstacles which the ball will strike and rebound from.

Gameplay features

The first difficulty lies in the fact that you are very limited in the length of the line which can be drawn. That is, for example, to pass a certain level you will be given the opportunity to draw a line length of 3 cm. You can draw one line of the entire length, or three lines of one centimeter each, or ten of three millimeters each. Generally speaking, exceeding the limit will not work anyway, so you have to think carefully about where and how long the line must be drawn for the ball can continue to move in the right direction.
During the actual gameplay you can switch gravity to anti-gravity and vice versa unlimited number of times. To do this, just click on the screen and the ball will fly not downward but upward. This way we are getting closer to the next nuance that will cause even greater complexity. So, at the beginning of the game the shapes on the playing field will be drawn only with white lines and the ball will bounce from them in the same way as from those lines that you draw. Starting from the 14th level the playing field will provide you with the shapes of red lines and the first one will be a skull and crossbones which are very symbolic. So, if the ball strikes red lines, you'll have to start the game again because the ball will be destroyed.


From that moment on you will have to think even more carefully about the location and length of the white lines and to change the force of gravity to anti-gravity even faster so that the ball doesn't toss around the playing field and quickly makes its way to the portal. A total of 40 levels is waiting for you, and not everybody will succeed in playing them through. The graphics in the game are not anything extraordinary but for this gameplay nothing greater is required.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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