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Review Evernote

Evgenii Kostrov
Evernote is the official client for Windows Phone from the service of the same name with the help of which all of your notes will always be at your fingertips and never lost. In fact, the program is nothing more than a powerful diary with the great potential and its own cloud service which can be accessed from virtually any device, no matter what operation platform it is running. Imagine creating a note on your home computer and being able to open it at your laptop, tablet, and now at the smartphone running Windows Phone.

Basic features

Creating notes you can attach drawings, photographs or screenshots to them, give names and descriptions. The version for personal computers, of course, gives a lot more opportunities but the charm of this service lies precisely in the fact that you having left the house, can remind yourself of something important by just running the program on your smartphone. One more (and perhaps the major) advantage of the Evernote service is that you can create shared notebooks with it and give an access to them to other people. You only need to send an invitation to someone, and he or she will join your notebook.
Thus, you will be able to share your thoughts or comments with your colleagues (and each of them will be able to correct the notes), to share thoughts in pursuit of advice, to record important moments which can be read by all members of the team, and much more. Using Evernote you can store important moments of your life and add to them photos with descriptions of places or events with which they are associated. If you look closely, the program even has a hint of the personal social network where you can create posts and share something interesting and intimate with friends and loved ones.

Improvise and find other uses of the application

Now ley's imagine a shopping scene. For example, you want to gather with family or friends to relax but cannot meet during the day because of work or classes, and in the evening you all together await for another grueling session of shopping. So, it is enough to make a general shopping list and, for example, the one who succeeds to escape early or just drives by some stores, can easily buy something from the list and then make the appropriate changes to it. It's clear that you or another person from the company will already be aware that some things has already been purchased.


Generally speaking, Evernote is truly one of the most useful applications for Windows Phone. The only thing that can afflict very sociable users is the limitation on the number of notes and the volume of downloaded/uploaded data. The program is fully functional in the free version but has a limit of 60 Mb per month. The premium account gives you the ability to upload up to 1 Gb of data per month, an access to the notes in the offline mode, shared access to the notebooks, text search in PDF documents, and additional security settings, but the caveat is that the membership can be issued for at least a month and a maximum of one year. After this period you will have to renew and once again for the money.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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