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Review Navitel

Evgenii Kostrov
Lots of settings, various features, elaborated interface, stylish design
Quickly kills your battery, high price
In front of you is one of the best applications of the mobile market with which you can comfortably travel almost all the Europe, Russia and CIS countries. Navitel is a very powerful and versatile navigator for Windows Phone which has a lot of analogs but it is safe to say that it has no competitors. With Navitel it will not be difficult for you to not only travel from one city to another but also to navigate through all the large and medium-sized cities up to the search for and prepare the route of the exact addresses.

Basic abilities

This navigator provides many online services (and can work offline) that will for sure help you get to your destination in the shortest time possible. For example, the Online Traffic Congestion service works so well that change the route in real time. It happens that you stand at the traffic lights and the navigator shows that in the near future you have to go streight forward but by the time the lights turn green the route changes, and the navigator offers to turn at the next intersection. Don't worry, the program has not got mad. It just has found out that there is a traffic jam ahead, and while you were waiting for the green light it has detoured the route making it as fast as possible.
Of course, the program has the option to exclude certain types of roads (toll roads, ferries, unpaved roads, etc.), so in that sense it does not make unpleasant surprises. The navigator also has a huge dynamic database of Points of Interest with the help of which you will always know where the nearest gas stations, parking lots, shops, ATMs, pharmacies, hospitals, entertainment facilities, cafes and restaurants are.

Additional features

You can travel without fear for penalties even without a radar detector. The program constantly monitors the speed of your movement. It knows where and what are the speed limits (at this, not only in the city but also in the country, on federal highways including interim settlements), where there are temporary ambush of the police, and it will certainly notify you of the approach of such a site. Moreover, the notification can be visual, voice or normal tone.
All complex parts of routes, interchanges and overpasses are presented in full 3D, so it's safe to say that with this navigator you are unlikely to turn the wrong way. In general, it is a pleasure to use Navitel. However, it only works for free a month after activation and then requires the purchase of a license. If you are very often on the road away from home, you can purchase Navitel without hesitation, although it costs a pretty significant sum of money.


Navitel nuancesNow let's talk about nuances. At first, while using the navigator you must take into account the increased demand on battery power, and if there is no special charger in the car, a couple of hours later you will happen to be both without navigation and means of communication. At second, typically navigators are used outside of the home town or region while in roaming the Internet is not cheap (especially, in international roaming). Therefore, if you do not have the unlimited tariff plan on the region where you are, and it is desirable to disable online services. At third, do not be distracted from the road and do not forget to use logic - navigators sometimes make mistakes as well.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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