Roll In The Hole
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Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole
Roll In The Hole

Review Roll In The Hole

Evgenii Kostrov
Roll In The Hole is a very interesting time-killer of arcade games category thanks to which you can nicely spend time standing in a line or sitting in a public transport. The developers of this arcade game is the Electronic Arts company which basically means that the quality of the game is undoubted.
The plot of this game is twisted around the ice-cream that was stolen from the sleeping panda by the gorilla. Fortunately, the spotted bear woke up just in time to notice the gorilla running away and the trace of scattered ice-cream left by the animal. Each new level looks like several platforms hanging in the air while the panda is usually standing on the upper one. You are to help the main character to roll down and during this to collect three ice-creams, while after that only you can get to the portal and pass over to the next level. The number of obstacles will grow with every new challenge which is rather natural for the games of this genre.


Controlling in the game is carried out two ways – with accelerometer and with touch screen. By default the touch-screen controlling is activated which is in our opinion the most convenient option. That is because sometimes the game requires the true lightning-speed reaction, and to wave a smartphone is much more difficult than to tap the right and left parts of the screen. The panda moves like a ball rolling on the platforms to the right and to the left depending on their slant and on what part of the screen you’re clicking on (in case of touch-screen controlling). At this, the head of the bear keeps being almost still which cause a very funny appearance.

Gameplay features

In some cases the platforms will be multistage with very steep descents and ascents. Usually it is nothing but here the physics are designed at the very decent level, and mostly it will cause you more troubles than pleasures. Shortly speaking, the main character has a strong inertia so if you accelerate the panda too much, you won’t be able to stop it.


Owing to the same feature the panda should accelerate on a plain site before starting on a steep ascent. The graphics in the game are wonderful and designed in the cartoon style. The accompanying music and sounds are also very good and create a nice mood. The demo version provides you with the opportunity to complete eight levels of the first location while others will be locked. If you purchase the full version, you will be able to play in five locations including 72 fascinating levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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