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Defense zone
Defense zone
Defense zone
Defense zone
Defense zone
Defense zone

Review Defense zone

Evgenii Kostrov
Defense zone is a just amazing game of the Tower Defense genre which was recently available only for iOS and Android but finally made it to Windows Phone. The first thing that catches the eye is the graphics of highest quality which don’t get worse even if you do maximum zoom in of the playing field. Whether they are your weapons or enemy’s equipment, the detalization of objects looks perfect. Animation is also extremely nice, and you can see how barrels of machine-gun turrets roll during the shooting at the enemy.
Just like in other similar games your task here is to allocate means of defense at the playing field so that no enemy soul can get to your territory. At the very beginning of the game at your disposal there will be not so many vehicles as well as variants of weapons. However, this is not a problem for from the enemy part there also will be pedestrian scouts at first, and then there will come light military equipment. Levels in the game are quite long, therefore it is advised to position yourself on the most comfortable points during the first waves of attack – thus you can shoot at the enemy as long as possible (for example, on the sites where a road winds in turns).

Weapons upgrade features

After some time you will earn money for an upgrade of weapons and surely want to use them but do not hasten for there is an important moment in reference to modernization. The thing is that the construction of a new weapon to replace the old one takes time, and the higher the level of upgrade is, the more time it will take. Given this, it may happen that when a cannon was ready to start the fire, the enemy’s troops would have already passed you by.
Generally speaking, this game vitally requires the support or safety net in the form of another equipment. At least it is advisable to get another cannon, let it be even of low capacity, before you launch the third and next upgrades. Among enemy’s military forces you will find infantry, light and moderate equipments as well as heavy vehicles and aircraft. At this, the latter is also rather various, and if at first challenges you see attack planes of the World War II alone, then there will emerge quite modern fighter aircraft above the playing field.

Weapons’ additional features

For each type of equipment there is the most efficient corresponding weapon so don’t get stuck on constructing machine-gun turrets forgetting about an air-defense missile system. Your weapons have one more ability that will help you numerous times. In short, watch for the green halo appearing round cannons. As soon as this occurs, the weapon is ready for counterstrike. You only need to select with a click a certain cannon and press the line of the pop-up menu with the red-colored word Hellfire on it – thus your weapon will start to bomb the enemy at an increased rate.


This schtick is very useful when the enemy’s onslaught is strong or when the upgrade of existing weapons is not completed yet and the enemy has already appeared on the battlefield. The function is active just a few seconds but believe us, the enemy will suffer terribly during this little moments. You can try the game downloading the Lite version consisting of three locations, and then make a decision about the purchase. Fans of the genre are advisable to not waste time and buy the full version immediately. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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