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Review Battery

Evgenii Kostrov
Interesting functionality, convenient interface, minimalist design
No significant shortcomings
Every day the smartphone market appears to get more and more new models from different manufacturers. Of course, the progress forges ahead, and the capabilities of smartphones is also growing aw well as the energy consumption. Just a few years ago it was possible to charge the phone and be sure that the battery charger is not required sooner than in a week. All of this can undoubtedly be explained by a very modest functionality of old models because almost the entire charge at the time was spent on calls or communication through SMS.
Now very few people deactivate the internet connection even if the browser is closed, for example, so as not to miss an important message in a messenger or social network client. Furthermore, most users tend to use high-speed connection (3G/4G) while always keeping the Wi-Fi- module turned on. Not to mention those who periodically run games to pass the time. Generally speaking, there are so much temptation to put the battery to the low, and it becomes more difficult to follow the level of the charge.
In principle, now every smartphone has the ability to activate the power save mode but, first, it is not very comfortable, and second, it is not enough for many of users. Another omission of the operating system Windows Phone is that you cannot put data in percent next to the battery (at the top of the screen). That is, we all have to guess how long the battery will last.

Features of the Battery program

Now, with the Battery application you have the opportunity to know more specifically about the state of the battery and to take appropriate measures in time. In the settings of the program you can choose the type of a live tile that will be placed on the home screen of your smartphone. This may be a a tile of certain color, as well as the one matching the applied theme, or tiles that dynamically change the color depending on the status of the battery. On top of that you can select the type of notification in the smallest or middle-sized tile.


And the biggest tile will tell you about when you last charged the battery, how much longer the smartphone will work, and how much charge in percent is remaining. In addition, the program can set an alarm that will sound when reaching a certain level of charge, and will let you know when the charge is almost completely to zero or vice versa reached its peak (during charging). In general, the application comes really useful, and if you are a very active user of the smartphone, it will be really nice for you to have it.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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And this app needs to know my location because Microsoft demands it. screw that.
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