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Review Facebook

Evgenii Kostrov
Functions quickly, simple interface, stylish design, completely free
Limited features
Facebook is one of the best clients to communicate in the social network of the same name which was released thanks to the developers of Microsoft Corporation. In fact, the vast majority of smartphones running the operating system Windows Phone, already initially have features that allow you to chat with your friends in this social network. Though someone is not happy because of the confusion in the contacts due to activating the account, and someone just misses the familiar phone interface of the previous application.
Be that as it may, you now have the opportunity to use a separate application that has several advantages over the built-in functions of a smartphone. As it was already mentioned, the application interface is very easy to use and navigate sections. On the main screen of the application you can read the feed. The top panel has a number of icons with which you can always find out whether you have a new message or one of your friends has shown some activity on his or her page.


Clicking on the very right icon in the top menu, you will be redirected to your friends list and immediately find out which one of them is online. We want to say now that the list is incomplete. You will see only the favorites with whom you contact most. Only by starting to enter the friend's name which is not listed, in the search box at the top of the screen, you will see a new list with names arranged in alphabetical order. By selecting some contact you directly get to the chat window while in order to look directly at his or her page, you need to make one more click on his or her nick or avatar in the open window.
Once at the friend's page, you can examine all the information which he posted. There also you will be able to leave comments on his photos, statuses or quotes. Going back to the page of correspondence, you can enter the menu (three dots in the lower right corner of the screen) and archive a log, refresh the page, or delete the whole conversation. As for the design of your own page at Facebook, you can not only change the status and delight friends with cool sayings, but also upload photos whether from the gallery or directly from the application interface.


Interesting and useful opportunitiesOf course, the program has a notification system that displays information on new developments both as the living icon and at the top of the screen. In addition, you can activate the output of the information to the locked screen of the smartphone and be up to date even without launching the program. Based on the user feedback, the program is still encountering problems but the developers are trying to quickly respond to such things and take appropriate action. In any case, this is today the best Facebook client for Windows Phone, and rightly so.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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Facebook is very good
nzube izunwa
Can't download Facebook on lumia800  why
Afifa jahan
mabasha meng
Facebook can't install on the phone
Need to download facebook light, messenger light and whats app on Nokia Lumia 920
Please I want Facebook
sarwan k solanki
Sarwan K Solanki
Can you please send me a link to download upgrade simulator for Lumia 1520 ver 8.1
bhurosy raj
Can I download whataap on my Lumia 535
Madahuru Isah Ibrahim  Gdaya
Madahuru Isah Ibrahim Gdaya11 Feb 2020, at 02:14
Thank you so much
olajide olawale
I need to dawnload Facebook in Lumia 520
master sbu
Me too i need to download nokia lumia 520
Evgenii Kostrov
Unfortunately, your device is hopelessly outdated. It will not work to install any modern application. The only way out is Android or iOS.
I need to download facebook in lumia 625
zoren Llegado
I want to download messenger of Nokia Lumia 625
zoren Llegado
I want to download facebook Nokia Lumia 625
Pedro A Melo
Meu telefone nokia510 não esta aceitar fazer dauwlod focebook ne whatssapp. Porque?
wamalakast.outlook.com14 Oct 2019, at 08:28
My phone can not download whatsapp,Facebook etc idont know why?
Evgenii Kostrov
Please write what model of phone you have.
toukala emance
Good i like
surprise chansaman
surprise chansaman09 Sep 2019, at 13:55
I want to download Facebook lite Nokia lumia 610
I need to download facebook for lumia 520 and install the app
I can download facebook on my 929 Lumia
I can't download Facebook for lumia 610 pls help
I want to login facebook
Mary Magdalene
I love to download facebook because it is tge best
Facebook us the best
Mary Magdalene
I love facebook

i need to download facebook now
sunday danlami
I can't download Facebook for Nokia lumia710 pls help
Plz help me I can't download what's app Facebook and other software I make its account also and still I can't down load any softwar
I can't download Facebook and what Sapp on my Nokia 920 please help
Pls help me to download messenger lite on my Nokia lumia 505
bipul sautal
Plz help me icant dwnld any apps
sonto masontoes
I can't download Facebook and what Sapp on my Lumia what should I do help
hgmiller@ecostreet.us26 Jan 2019, at 23:12
Can't download Facebook on my Lumia Nokia Icon 929
Nokia lumia 610
Help me please download Facebook lm asif
Help me please to download facebook
Help me please to download facebook
Alli Jamal
I can't download Facebook and what Sapp on my Nokia lumia 800
my help  please
Help mi download fecbook
help me to download Facebook
I cant download facebook l

on my Nokia 520 someone should help me out please
How to install this app
Help me download my Facebook please
I can't download whatsapp app and Facebook in my Lumia 820 please help me
pusparaj joshi
It is very good facebook
How to download YouTube,Facebook,what's app on my Nokia lumia521phone please help me

I can't download fb and whatssapp on Nokia lumia 610 please help me
Samuel tembo
Facebook download
I cant download facebook,whatsapp.instrgram,imo apps for my lumia 620...please help me soon
I can't download facebook
Sujit Mandal
Cant download fb whatsaap
susan smiles
Want to download Facebook app and can't help
bob25 Nov 2018, at 10:00Nokia Lumia 630
I can't download facebook apps for my Nokia Lumia 630..help me me pls...
I cant download facebook for my nokia lumia 630 window phone
I want download Facebook and massenger help me
lorraine kamuuko
How can i download facebook on lumia 640
How do i download Facebook app in my Nokia lumia 925
Why i can't download fb n messengers apps on my Nokia lumia900
I cant download facebook for my nokia lumia 630 window phone
I want to download Facebook and whatsapp on my lumia 625
ali mahommed abbas
ali mahommed abbas24 Jul 2018, at 16:23
Don't work my feasbook please help me and thinks
Brito agostinho
Quero instalar feice book no lumia520 nao sei como, peço ajuda.
Brito agostinho
Its so good
How can I download it?please help me I can't download facebook on my Lumia 520
nokia lumia610
Nokia lumia 610
shivshankar yadav
I want to download Facebook and WhatsApp on my Nokia Lumia 520. So please help me
I want to download Facebook for Nokia Lumia 635
shah rukh
It should be éligible for 625 because i really need it
How to download in 625 please help me
It is not available for 625
patrick cozy
Please tell me how to download facebook on my Nokia Lumia 630
I really need it but I can't download it
would not work to download Fb to Nokia 920 ... "page not found"
ram bhusal
I like to download it.
Just wanna download facebook please need help guys
Help me for download facebook for nokia lumia 625
Siphiwe gumede thandi
Facebook is good
Facebook is good
Help with messager and Facebook on my Nokia 625 now?
I want to download it on my phone and messager????
I want to download it

Please help me
I will like to download Facebook for my Nokia lumia 710
Help me whats app download for lumia 625
Angelo  wol
Help. me down loads lite face book for Nokia Lumina 625
Angelo  wol
I want to download it
It is really nice,to best of my knowledge Nokia Lumina is so good for me.
i cant down load facebook need help pal
ajesh m
Help me face book dowanload
I would like to download facebook for my lumia 710
Ya using lumia 900 need downloal fb can help me
Ya using lumia510 neeed download fb can helpm
Ya using lumia510 neeed download fb can helpme
People I need your help
Please how can I download Facebook in my phone
babagana kkyari
Download facebook
How I create windows live id in Nokia lumia 710
yash rao
How to create windows live id
boyyo ayuba
Help me download facebook my messenger is having problem
How to download whatsapp and Facebook for windows phone Nokia lumia 610
I can't download
I love it too

and its nice
How create the window live I'd????
I love lumia 610 for its
Ya I using lumia 510 I need download fb can help me
ael ater
Worse phone ever 'nokia lumia 510'
mohit burhan
Dukkar mad stupid go to hell you bloody full pregnent pig
stroie717@gamil.com13 May 2017, at 14:29
Descarcare Facebook mobil
gowthamikeerthiraj12 May 2017, at 09:24
Life is short make a sweet
Not working yet
hello iam used nokia lumia 520 phone last a few day my facebook messenger not working that msg. not received and not send so please help me many time delete and re install my messenger but porble not solve
Ya I'm leave this site
How can I download Facebook beta and messenger beta apps on my Lumia 520 phone?
prakash rai
How to download apps
gift marete
This phone is bullshit how can i download games with my lumia 510 except using marketplace or Xbox
I have Nokia lumia 610 and how can I download shareit
George Ogah.
Nokia Lumia series and Facebook should work together to give customers better services.
Nirupom Dutta
Windows Mobile phone is wast phone. Evr bulllll siddd plz stop making Windows phone
greenfield patrick
greenfield patrick28 Nov 2016, at 21:53
George Ogah
A real goof. I wholly agree with you
What a problem does my Nokia lumia 610 is having whilst am downloading apps?
What a problem does my Nokia lumia 610 is having whilst am downloading apps?
i have lumia 510 When I download apps from market it says window live id error. How I will fix it
nokia lumia 610
Hi there try click king on the dowmlond link and downlonding it from the app marketpl
krrish katyara
Hi how can I downlond using pc and install in my lumai 610???? Plz help
Aniebiet Emmanuel
Please i can't download apps on my phone.Nokia Lumina 520
Brandon Girod
Hi there! Try clicking on the download link and downloading it from the app marketplace.
hi how can i download using pc and install in my lumia 510???? pls help
Brandon Girod
Unfortunately, this is an app for Windows Phone, so you can't really download it for PC. You can download it on your phone by following the download link in the review though! 
Lencho Gemechu
my phone cant download Apps
Brandon Girod
What issue are you having?
christel vieren
I've had some problems with the facebook app on my Nokia Lumia 620 windows phone 8.1
when I open facebook, and would like to read something on someone elses page, the phone goes back to the opening screen of windows.. the last update was 29/09/2015 and from that date the problems started..
so I deleted the app and tried to install it again..
it says there is a problem: 80073cf6
can you help me to reinstall the app please?
thank you
Tariq Abdulla
hi there, I don't really know how to help you here, maybe you could try contacting facebook?
aletta kfotlhang
Why is it that my phone cannot download whatspp and Facebook apps
Vlad Popa
In order to answer this I will need to know your exact device model and OS version.
Also can you please try to describe the issue with a bit more detail. Where exactly are you having trouble? Are any error messages displayed, and if so, what are they?
I can't download fb on my phone Nokia lumia 625 pls help..
Vlad Popa
In order to download the app all you need to do is:

Click the "Free Version" link above the review and it will take you to the Windows Phone Store. There log in with your Microsoft account, and make sure you have it logged in to your Lumia device also. Afterwards click the "Install" button. It should be straightforward from there.
Alternatively you can download the .XAP file and copy it into your Lumia and install it from there, or you could input the QR code found above the review into your device and it will also direct you to the download page.
If you are having issues downloading or installing the app then please let me know exactly what happens and try to include any error messages displayed.
How to download Facebook App on Nokia XL RM 1030?
yangi tamang
I can't download fb no 520 it says error code can I know how to do plz
dery peter
love ur friend but never trust any one
My ph. Nokia lumia 520 cant download fb app plz how can i download my ph it show a code error plz ..say
easther loveth ekljiaka
easther loveth ekljiaka19 Oct 2015, at 00:45
Please my Nokia lumia 520 cannot download Facebook app i need help
Tariq Abdulla
what does the error code say?
Zoe Clough
App for Facebook on Nokia Lumina 52 won't download it says error
I can't post pictures in comments nor can I see pictures in comments....how can I fix this?
kewal singh rana
kewal singh rana23 Mar 2014, at 00:39Nokia Lumia 625
facebook on nokia lumia 625 is a drem. trouble in runnin always hactic massage "having trouble getting data '
Alexander Vorobyev
Have you tried to check your Internet connection? If it's stable enough, there are not supposed to be any problem with the app functioning. If you experience further problems, please let us know. Thanks.
Allan Tom
Allan Tom22 Feb 2014, at 12:45Nokia Lumia 625
Can't open my what's app,help me open my acct with Lumia window phone
alisha goharis
I like the faceboik of nokia lumia 820 i am sat I'm satisfied this because it is my mobile,
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