Storm in a Teacup
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Storm in a Teacup
Storm in a Teacup
Storm in a Teacup
Storm in a Teacup
Storm in a Teacup

Review Storm in a Teacup

Evgenii Kostrov
Storm in a Teacup is a funny arcade game for Windows Phone of the category of platformer games that will provide a lot of pleasure to the lovers of the genre. In the story of the game you find yourself in a dream of a boy who traveled to the wonderful world in a cup of tea. Judging from the gameplay, our character is very fond of tea with sweets and other buns. The main character doesn't have any specific goal. The main thing is to get to the pendulum looking like a candy, and pass over to the next dream.
The travel will be very long, and gradually the dream of the main character will turn from a carefree walk into a nightmare where will appear different monsters and obstacles in the form of water, spikes, cliffs and strange mechanisms. On the way to the destination, you have to collect the bonuses represented by pieces of refined sugar, cookies and other delicacies. Often, you will deal with the problem of transition from one side of the location to another, so as the way will be blocked by the gate designed ​​in the form of a pencil. To open them, you have to explore every corner of the game world and find the key to the gate.

Gameplay features

Sometimes you will have to go back to certain places several times, and it will create you a lot of hassle. For example, in order to get to the right part of the location, you will have to fly through a very strange windmill which rotates clockwise. At this, the lower part of it is hidden, and you will have to fly between the blades on top. Since the direction of motion in this case coincides with the direction of rotation of the mill, it is easy as pie to move to the right side of the game world. But how would you go back? And it will be necessary, as you have found the key to the gate left behind. However, the decision is always there. You only need to use your little grey cells, and the way out is not long to wait.

Game controlling in Storm in a Teacup

Controlling in this game is performed by using three virtual buttons. The arrows located in the lower left corner are responsible for the direction of movement, and the button with the image of lightning located at the bottom right side of the screen, is responsible for the flight. By the way, in order to elevate a cup with the main character to the air, you need energy. Its indicator is situated in the upper left corner of the screen, and during the flight it disappears very quickly. The only thing you need to do to replenish it is wait a second or two. On the one hand, it's nothing but on the other hand, sometimes you will desperately need a fraction of a second to climb upon another platform or overcome the danger.


By the way, the game has one specific feature. If you press the button which is responsible for the flight very often and quickly remove your ​​finger, you take off much higher than when you hold the button jammed constantly. The game provides 40 levels in total, and 4 of them are available in the demo version. The graphics in the game are of cartoon style and made quite accurately. The soundtrack consists mostly of beautiful melodies going extremely well with the gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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