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Review N.O.V.A.3

Evgenii Kostrov
Quality 3D graphics, online multiplayer, interesting plot, dynamic game play, convenient controls
Kills your battery, paid continuation
N.O.V.A. 3 is another great shooter from the Gameloft company which was eagerly awaited by gamers around the world. The game turns out to be incredibly dynamic and despite a bit higgledy-piggledy plot, it will surely appeal to all fans of lightning-fast battles accompanied by sporadic shooting, running and a holy load of special effects. The action of the game takes place on our Mother Earth which is once again under attack by Volterites.
Everything seemed to be fine, and Kal Vardin already familiar to many of us, was ready to go to sleep after another duty somewhere on the edge of the galaxy, when a distress signal came from the Earth. There was no time even to gather the team, and the main character went to help the N.O.V.A. squad in distress alone. Having landed with difficulty, a former rebel commander got straight into the epicenter of events and not knowing the situation had no options but to follow the instructions of a sergeant. From then on, everything happens according to the established plot which it is impossible to avoid.

Gameplay features

Generally speaking, the only goal of the game is to destroy the aliens in red suits most of whom are able to fly. At your disposal there will be a huge amount of weapons ranging from pumps to laser guns, as well as the superpowerful suit allowing to disarm the enemy or even stun him with a single motion of the arm. Earning in-game currency, you can buy additional equipment and new more powerful weapons in the embedded store.
There are plenty of missions in the game, and at some of them you even have the opportunity to ride unusual vehicles equipped with machine-gun turrets. It is very difficult to grow confused in this game, and thanks to the constant hints you always will know what is required of you. Aside from the huge number of armed aliens, the game has only one major caveat because of which you may quickly get tired. The thing is that you cannot save the progress by yourself while between points of automatic saving you will find a lot of bloody fighting. That is, after the death of the main character we would have to return very far back.

Gather a team of real players

In addition to the Campaign mode, in the game there is the Multiplayer mode thanks to which we are able to confront aliens with a group of real people. To do this it's enough to register at the online service of Gameloft which takes less than 2 minutes. Controlling in the game is performed by means of the touch screen, and at first it also will give you a lot of problems. No one is saying that it is uncomfortable. It's just that the main character has so many capabilities that you can get lost in the buttons. However, such moments will never stop a true fan of first-person shooters.


You can download the N.O.V.A. 3 game for free and play few missions before you decide to purchase it. If you are a true fan of the genre, you may not even take the time to try the game and immediately buy it, you won't be disappointed.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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How do I download pls someone answer me I love the game I click download xap and send me to Microsoft.com to get the game but said that is not compatible because I need 1gb of ram but I want to play it so bad pls someone tell me how to download it pls.
Tariq Abdulla
you could look into sideloading, this may work...
Tariq Abdulla
not much you can do i'm afraid...
Pls add Lumia 520
How to install it on windows phone 635
Tariq Abdulla
Just tap on the "full version" link above the review
satya sharma
Is that a free version!!
Vlad Popa
I know there is a free version for Android and iOS, yet I am not sure if it has been made available for Windows devices.
Is there any kind of root or unlock ???
Hii prajwal Sharma I saw your gta san Andreas installation video I have Nokia Lumia 630 please send me your email id on this page that I can make your friend on Facebook and we communicate about windows phone games because I am lover of games and windows phone pls reply and how to download wp power tools for windows 7
lumia 525
lumia 52512 Jul 2014, at 23:35Nokia Lumia 525
is it trial version or full free game ???
how to install
How to install?
Thanks for your comment its really work on nokia Lumia 630but how to install pls reply
simple download and just install it. enj
simple download and just install it. enj02 Jul 2014, at 23:37
simple download and just install it.
Sheikh Haris
superb game its perfectly run on my lumia 630 LOvE It
Prajwal Sharma
Prajwal Sharma22 Mar 2014, at 00:58Nokia Lumia 520
i ll Have installed it and uploading video within 2 days plz chk it
alik15 Mar 2014, at 20:39Nokia Lumia 525
it will work but slow
Chevish Boodhun
Will this work if i use xap deployer on my dev unlocked lumia 520?? I hope it will. Downloading right now
Hey how to get install the game
Evgenii Kostrov
Do not forget to write about the test results
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