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Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio
Tunein Radio

Review Tunein Radio

Evgenii Kostrov
Convenient interface, simple design, ads can be disabled
Kills your battery
Tunein Radio is the best internet radio for Windows Phone, thanks to which you get the opportunity to enjoy your favorite music in excellent quality. It is just so happened that the WP-smartphones (absolute majority of them) for unknown reasons denied the FM-radio. Moreover, it is known that in most of them there is a radio module capable of receiving radio signals in the FM-band.
Perhaps the manufacturers thus hid another ace up their sleeve, and as it was with Nokia N9 they will activate the FM-radio while one of the software updates in smartphones running Windows Phone, nevertheless now we have to be content with what we have. Tunein Radio can easily replace your FM-radio. You only need the smartphone connected to the internet and an unlimited tariff plan in terms of traffic. Thanks to a very roomy clipboard this internet radio plays music very well even when using GPRS-Internet, not to mention the 3G and Wi-Fi connection.

Radio stations catalog

In the catalog of the radio you will find a huge number of radio stations that broadcast in online mode. All of them are divided into categories and groups of musical genres (60th, 70th, 80th, 90th, alternative rock, blues, jazz, disco, indie, country, classical, Latin-American, easy-listening, pop music, retro, trance, metal, electronic and other types of music) and into directions (colloquial, sports, music, regions, languages, podcasts, local radio). The application interface is made very illegibly, and it will be understood by everyone who can read. With the geolocation integrated into the program, you can always find a local radio, no matter where you are.

Tunein Radio interface

On the main screen of Tunein Radio there is a search bar where you can make a request on radio stations not only by genre but also by the name of the artist. Each radio station can not only be added to your favorites, but also be put right on the desktop of your smartphone in the form of a tile responsible for its launch, in order not to suffer with the search or running the program next time. One touch - and you are enjoying your favorite music. Of course, this radio works even in the background mode and allows you to adjust the volume using the buttons on your smartphone, as well as start playback or stop broadcasting via the button on the headset which is bundled with the smartphone.


You can control your music without even unlocking the screen. Click on the button that is responsible for unlocking during playback or pause, and you will see a small bar with controlling buttons at the top of the screen. If in the favorites you have several radio stations, you can switch between them right in this bar. We tested Tunein Radio at Nokia Lumia 920 and realized that this program is the best to listen to Internet radio.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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Ernie Margata Pinnock
Ernie Margata Pinnock02 Oct 2020, at 00:12
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