3D Brutal Chase
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3D Brutal Chase
3D Brutal Chase
3D Brutal Chase
3D Brutal Chase
3D Brutal Chase
3D Brutal Chase

Review 3D Brutal Chase

Evgenii Kostrov
Distinctive levels, unusual plot, simple controls
Graphics could have been better, unremovable ads
3D Brutal Chase is a very dynamic game of arcade racing category in which you are to try yourself as a police officer. Despite the average-quality three-dimensional graphics, the game does not fit in the racing simulator category. There are several reasons, but the main is a little strange physics that sometimes even annoy. We want to explain to all the fans of high-quality games that 3D Brutal Chase is more like the first part of Need For Speed which delighted gamers yet on ancient computers.
The comparison of the game is more about the story, not about its graphics and design. The thing is that in this game you have to catch criminals escaping on the road by different cars. The chase continues without stopping exactly to the moment when you inflict to a law-breaker's car the amount of damage that prevents him from continuing the race. At this, you do not stop and keep searching for the remaining offenders.

Gameplay features

The main character is so dedicated to his work that he does not stop the chase, no matter what happens. He isn't confused even with strange road users who often suffer from your actions and the actions of criminals. What is interesting is that the criminals' car cannot be turned over or pushed to the side as opposed to cars of other road users. It seems that behind the wheel of the criminals' car also a professional steers, but you have to prove that you cope with the vehicle better, and finish off the offenders, whatever the cost is.
Well, at least the road on which you will pursue violators, has the only one direction - cocurrent. If you had to race on a road with oncoming traffic, there would have been much more civilian casualties. Another plus of the game is that your vehicle is not subject to breakdowns and other deformations, and when you get tired of it, you can take another one. So you can carelessly ram cars by which they are trying to hide from you.


The controlling in the game is carried out with the accelerometer and two virtual buttons on the touch screen. Tilting the smartphone you steer, and with the help of buttons you activate the brakes and accelerator (Nitro). If everything is clear with the accelerator, then what about the brakes? You might have a comprehensible question: "Why do I need them if I constantly have to chase criminals, and don't have to feel sorry for other road users?"


The point is that sometimes you will overtake the criminals, and they can safely drive behind you. It is exactly to happen behind the fugitives and to be able to ram their car, you have to slow down and pass them along. As it was already mentioned, the graphics in the game are quite modest. The soundtrack is also far from perfect. So the main advantages of 3D Brutal Chase is the need for speed and the fact that the game is available for free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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