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Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4
Modern Combat 4

Review Modern Combat 4

Evgenii Kostrov
Atmospheric soundtrack, quality 3d graphics, exciting plot, the game is addictive, convenient controls, quality physics
Kills your battery, paid continuation
In front of you is a great first-person shooter for Windows Phone, Modern Combat 4. In this game you will find not only shooting with a large number of weapons, but also hand-to-hand combat and management of various equipment. The first thing that catches your eye at the very start of the game, is the graphics of the highest quality that can compete with videogame consoles. The game also has an amazing amount of effects and gorgeous sound which merges into a single insight with the gameplay.
This game gives you the opportunity to try yourself not only on the side of justice as a soldier from the Special Operations Group, but also on the side of terrorists. In addition, the game has a multiplayer mode whereby you have a chance to take part in the fighting in a team of players similar to you, not bots. Although it is worth admitting that in normal mode bots behave quite well both on your part and on the part of the enemy.

Artificial intelligence is beyond praise

There are no suicides among the enemy, and they will try to hide behind a shelter, or cover each other with the infinite firing of automatic weapons. The artificial intelligence in this game is so developed that sometimes you start to feel like being at a real war. There are situations when one of the terrorists shoots at your hideout not sparing rounds and not allowing you to get out or change position, while simultaneously another one comes from behind with a knife in hand. The result is your death.
At the same time, the men of your unit will also cover each other's back and wait until you catch up with the main force for the assault of another building or shelter. In the game, there are moments reminiscent of adventure quests. So for example, the team will not carry out the assault of buildings until you get to a certain objective. You yourself in some cases need to control a robotic scout armed with a heavy machine gun or other equipment.
Quite often there are situations when you have to break through the ring of terrorists by armored vehicles, and while one of the soldiers is steering the wheel, you pour the leaden rain on those who show at least some signs of life. It should be noted that in this game the auto-saving will save you a lot of nerves . First, you will have to manage to the save point, of course, but in case if the main character dies (and it happens quite often), you won't have to start the game from the very beginning.


ControllingControlling in the game is carried out by a huge number of virtual buttons, but they are so conveniently located that after 10-15 minutes of the game you start to feel like a real leatherneck able to respond to every rustle at any second. At the beginning of the game, you will be offered to activate the accelerometer to control the main character. We would recommend to abandon this idea, since the purely touch controlling provides a much better experience and capabilities. In general , we can say that the game is a true hit, and if you are a fan of the genre, consider yourself incredibly lucky.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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How will I no if. Its working
How will I know if its working
It works on Nokia Lumia 625?
Jhon carter
Vlad Popa can i intall xap free download file on my lumia 635 its saying that avabile for  635?????
Tariq Abdulla
It should work on the lumia 635... you could also try Modern Combat 5
Jhon carter
any tried this game on lumia 635???????
it is asking for the purchase. what should i do?
Vlad Popa
This is a paid app. It means that it requires that you purchase it in order to use it. There are no ways to avoid it.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Tanmoy saha
My phone is a not a update 8.1 and modern combatt4 unsupported files look why???
Gourab Mukherjee
Gourab Mukherjee16 Mar 2015, at 15:14Nokia Lumia 620
I Have Nokia Lumia 620 updated to WP 8.1.. My RAM is 512MB.. Does it will install in my phone..???
e baixar e como instala?
This game is free download?
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately no, the game must be bought before it ca be installed.
Does it work in nokia lumia 520???
super wang
I have Samsung galaxy s5 its doesnt work
Vlad Popa
I believe it should work on your device. Please be a bit more descriptive about the issue. What exactly happens? Did the app download correctly? Did it install properly? Does it crash when launching it. Please mention as many details as possible and also include any error messages displayed.
super wang
I cant play Pls help me
super wang
This is joke
Please help me .. I need to know how install this game show me how I do that step by step thank you
Vlad Popa
Please use the "Full Version" link found above the review and it will direct you to the Windows Mobile store where you can purchase and install the app. The store will also provide you with step by step instructions.
How can I install on Lumia 1320
Vlad Popa
The installation links are provided above the review, in the form of the "Full version" link and the QR Codes.
The "Full Version" link can be opened on your PC and as long as you are logged in with the same Microsoft Account on the PC and on the device you can issue an install order from the PC.
The QR code can be scanned or input directly on your device.
Please let me know if you require more assistance.
Wang wang
Ya it is not does not allow us to install with out payment..what to do help me guys
Wang Wang
Restart your phone and go to store ..go to instal local apps and instal it
htc windows 8s açar mı
When click the modern combat xap file. There is a message comes company app got a problem.
How can I Install on Lumia 520
prabhjeet singh
The xap file on this is trial or full version
Its really work on Nokia lumia630
umesh kumar
I have Nokia lumia630 ....does the games is free and its works
MisterA2510 Jul 2014, at 04:21Nokia Lumia 630
is it good ? lagging ?? or some problems ??
Anand Mj
how to install this game without using store because i can download the game for free in this website but while installing this app using store it is asking to buy the app so hepl me please..........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can download this app by opening Google chrome in your desktop come to this site and hit download xap button then the game will download. You can install it by xap deployer. Thanks. And sorry for my English.
Is it possible to download it by usin your method bt for my lumnia 720 which has a ram of 512?
first of all what is a xap deployer? and how to install by using xap deployer?
Ikhsan Ramadhan
How can i install the game, i was download it to my sd card, and when i the sd card at the wp store > sd card, appear a text that say out off date
It happens in my lumia 520
How can i install the game, i was download it to my sd card, and when i the sd card at the wp store > sd card, appear a text that say not compatible...
kuldeep sounkariya
kuldeep sounkariya30 Apr 2014, at 01:30Nokia Lumia 625
Please ahelp me that how can i play modern combat 4 on lumia on fb kuldeep sonkariya
Rahul Nayak
tumi sera..........gamesoft
I want play FIFA and another game but it requires 1gb or more ram now I'm ennoying bought Lumia 520
Make like this comment on Nokia official website. Not here. Thanks
Chathura14 Mar 2014, at 10:45Nokia Lumia 520
i want to buy nokia lumia 520 but lots of apps are not free . what u suggedt for me
Wait till the publisher of the app make it free. Thanks
525 had many free apps but only till march 31st whish has already passed.i suggest buy a 525 still because of 1gb ram
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