Acedia: Indie Horror
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Acedia: Indie Horror
Acedia: Indie Horror
Acedia: Indie Horror
Acedia: Indie Horror
Acedia: Indie Horror
Acedia: Indie Horror

Review Acedia: Indie Horror

Evgenii Kostrov
Acedia: Indie Horror is an incredibly atmospheric game for Windows Phone, which will delight everyone who loves to give his or her nerves a little challenge. The game is designed in the style of a first-person quest, and you will have to go an extremely long distance before you perform the task. It all starts with the fact that you find yourself in an unknown place reminiscent of a basement. It is even more correct to say that you find yourself in one of the corridors of a dark vault.
The only thing that will be in your hands, is a flashlight that traitorously starts to wink and even goes out at the most inappropriate moment. There is no inventory in the game because it isn't needed. All you need to do in the game is to survive and possibly get out of this ill-fated place. The game starts to browbeat from the very beginning, but that's not the worst thing. To get out of this dungeon, you have to find seven icons with strange symbols in the corridors or rooms.

Key moments

It's very easy to see them, and for this you do not even need a flashlight because they glow in the dark. Though it will be much harder to reach a place where they can be hidden. Most of the icons are placed on the walls, and to pick them up it's enough to come very close and touch them. The game is not limited by just walking through the dark corridors, and it is easy to find your death in there. As soon as you pick up the first icon, the curse befalls you, and it (the icon) will serve as a beacon for a ghost in a long black cloak.
The basement will be filled with scary sounds and screams of people whose souls are never going to get out. Once you linger a while in one of the corridors, and the ghost will find you and then take away your soul. If you get into a dead end, then when you return back you will undoubtedly encounter with this ghost, and believe me you will be in dead earnest. The first sign that the ghost is already there, will be the blinking flashlight and screen albescent with noise.

In comparison with Slender

We're sure many of you have now remembered the flat person (Slender) who persecutes people that have found ill-fated notes in the woods and other places. Yes, there are similarities between the games, but in this one the atmosphere is so saturated with fears that even the bravest man will get shivers running down the spine. Especially if you play in the dark with headphones.


The corridors in the dungeon are so big and there are so many of them that even in the event of the main character's death and the restart of the game, you may not find the places where you've been to for the first time. However, it would not facilitate the game anyway because the icons change their locations every time, and again we have to look for them at random. To summarize, we can say only one thing - the game is really interesting. Even if you pass it successfully, don't hurry to get rid of this horror. Give it to your loved ones to play and see how they react. It will be very funny.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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This game is so creepy :-o Probably the best horror game for Windows phone definitely 5/5
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