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Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2
Bubble Blast 2

Review Bubble Blast 2

Evgenii Kostrov
Bubble Blast 2 is an incredibly exciting time-killer for Windows Phone, which is really dangerous for your free time. Having run this seemingly simple game, you may get stuck in it for a long time. What it involves is a simple destruction of multi-colored balls, but this activity is so fascinating that we even forgot about scheduled events while testing it.
So, at each new level you find on the playing field a few balls. Initially, these will be only the red balls, and after a while there will emerge green, yellow and blue ones. To destroy one red bubble, you need to click on it once. After that, it will break into four pieces, and if one of the four parts hits another red ball, it will burst, too, fallen into four pieces. Thus, you need to find one ball breaking of which will create a chain reaction to destroy all the balls.

Gameplay features

The difficulty lies in the fact that the green, blue and yellow bubbles cannot be blown up. You can only change their color. The blue ball turns yellow after the first touch or contact with one of the fragments of exploded balls. Yellow becomes green. A green turns to red. And only then the ball can be destroyed. Thus, you will have to think a very long time about from what ball to start the explosions so that the chain reaction turns all the balls in red and then destroys them.
Probably, there are bubbles of other colors and shades in the game, but we have not yet been able to get to them. In each level you are given a certain number of moves that you can make. Should you run out of them, the level is cleared, the balls are positioned back in their places, and you have to start all over again. The number of levels in this game is amazing. In puzzle mode you will find 1000 challenges, and the arcade mode does not have a limit and is considered infinite.


The graphics in the game are not anything special, but here it does not matter. The soundtrack consists of the sounds of bursting bubbles and applauses when you deserve them. You can download the Bubble Blast 2 game for free and get access to the arcade mode and the first 100 levels of the puzzle mode. Besides, an advertising banner will occasionally emerge on the screen. Paying a nominal sum of money, you have access to the remaining tasks and thank the developers for a great time-killer.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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