Cut The Rope Exp.
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Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.
Cut The Rope Exp.

Review Cut The Rope Exp.

Evgenii Kostrov
Neat animation, neat graphics, distinctive levels, interesting plot, exciting game play, simple controls, true-to-life physics
Kills your battery, paid continuation
Cut The Rope: Experiments is a continuation of the exciting puzzle game for Windows Phone, in which we are to feed the familiar green monster called Om Nom candies and sweets. His previous owner was already ravaged by the main character's love to sweets, and he had to get rid of him in the most inhumane way. The little monster was sealed in a cardboard box and sent by mail to an unknown address.
In order to eliminate the chances for the big surprise to the next host, the previous owner wrote in a note on the preferences of the monster and put it in the parcel. Fortunately, the truck which transported mail, hit a bump, and the box with the main character fell out of the truck near the house of a mad professor. The professor read the note and realized that he had found himself a new game to play. However, it is up to us how we will entertain the professor and feed Om Nom, and the well-being of the main character will depend on how we cope with the task.

Game features

So, in this game we are to interact with different elements, cut ropes, pop bubbles, activate suckers, guide missiles, and so on and so forth. The main thing is to understand the principle of interaction of objects and to observe consistency in the performance of certain actions, thus the game will delight you for all the 150 levels. By the way, the developers of the ZeptoLab company promised that in the near future the game will have new levels.
The main character is still happy when a candy gets in his mouth, and grows very upset when you make a mistake and leave him hungry. During the gameplay you should also make an effort to catch bonuses that affect the result and reward you with stars. In their turn, stars are not just decoration or demonstration of your success on the playing field, but also provide an opportunity to pass over to the next levels. If you play sloppy, you won't get access to new levels.


Regarding the graphics, there are minor changes in the game, which lie in the fact that they have added a small animation. In addition, between experiments there will appear the senile professor on the playing field, and produce different jokes or praise for the achievements. The music in the game is also wonderful and will not leave you indifferent. Controlling in Cut The Rope: Experiments is carried out by means of clicks and gestures on the screen, and it is intelligible intuitively.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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