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Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope

Review Cut The Rope

Evgenii Kostrov
Neat animation, quality graphics, lots of levels, exciting game play, simple controls
Paid continuation
Cut The Rope is an amazing puzzle game for Windows Phone, and more than 250 million users worldwide have already convinced it. The developers of the Zeptolab UK Ltd company have worked on the game so well that it will delight every child and bring enjoyment to adults. The game is designed very impressively. This is indicated by the graphics and animation, and funny accompanying sound.
The game begins with our finding a strange box with several circular holes on our doorstep. It becomes immediately clear: the holes are necessary to provide with the air, and it means that there is someone alive inside the box. Every person at such a moment may have various thoughts about dumped-off pets, but it's not a dog or a kitten in the box. A very funny creature crawls out of the box, it is green and has a huge passion for candies and other sweets.


So, now our task is to feed the main character candies who for his addiction to sweets was named Om Nom. Our green friend is almost always sitting motionless at the bottom of the playing field, and on top delicious candies will hang down on the ropes. In order to hit a lollipop in the mouth of the hero, we just need to cut the rope with a gesture, but it is that simple only in the first quests. Over time, the candy will emerge in more remote places, and not above the main character but a little to the side, or even below him.

Additional equipment and dangers

We have to use ropes as a system of pendulums, and it becomes more and more difficult to deliver caramel to our sweets lover. Some time later, we will need to use tools and a variety of mechanisms, so that we can swing the candies or guide them in the right direction. It will take a little time, and on the playing field there emerge others willing to eat caramel. These are spiders free-floating on the ropes on which candies are suspended.


To solve these problems one logical thinking isn't enough, and we need an excellent reaction to feed our green critter and not let the spiders to steal candy to their lair. Besides the gameplay, the animation looks very funny as well. It's quite amusing to watch as the main character enjoys every sweet and gets upset when he realizes that his candy is lost forever. In total, there are 350 levels waiting for you, and the developers assure us that they will create upgrades in which we will find new challenges.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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