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Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds SeasonsAngry Birds Seasons


Evgenii Kostrov
Posted: Evgenii KostrovTested 21 Jun 2017 on Nokia Lumia 920

Destroy pigs during seasons holidays
Quality graphics, interesting game play, simple controls, sophisticated physics
Paid continuation

Angry Birds Seasons is another series of games about the war between the colorful birds and green pigs for smartphones running the operating system of Windows Phone. As you may have noticed, a familiar name of the game was joined with the word "seasons". The meaning of the game is the same, and it is that we need to punish green thieves depriving them of a roof over their heads, and then their life.
The birds are operating the same slingshot, and the pigs have learned to hide in very remote places. Returning to the title of the game, it's worth noting that unlike the previous series, new parts of this one came out really seasonal and were focused on various holidays. Here you will find the battle between the birds and pigs during Halloween, and the fighting that unfolds during Easter, and rumbles on the streets of Japan during the cherry blossom festival, and New Year's fights, and those that occur on the first day of a new school year, on vacations and while other activities.

Major differences from previous versions

Actually, the main difference of this game from the first series of Angry Birds lies in the fact that here you will find a variety of more colorful locations and shelters behind which the pigs are hiding. In some levels you will have to think about how to trigger a chain of successive destruction of enemy fortifications and make more accurate shots from a slingshot. You will also deal with challenges where it is impossible to destroy the pigs without serious calculations.
For example, you will have to cause a collapse of stones or lumps of snow, hit the bird into a box with explosive and cause a real apocalypse in the barn by a blast. Besides auxiliary means, in this series of the game you will find a small addition. At your disposal are already familiar from Angry Birds red, yellow, blue, white, black and green birds, plus an orange one bird that after falling to the ground, hitting an obstacle, or a second click on the screen, inflates to a huge size and begins to resemble a large orange.


Novice's abilities in the feathered tribeThe main purpose of the new bird is demolishing buildings. You need to set it going in the most narrow places, and when it gets blown up, all around is falling apart. The pigs also may be affected by this birdy thing, but it happens mostly due to the fact that a part of the structure falls down on them. Shortly speaking, it is desirable to use the bird so that other birds do not have to expend energy to destroy the barriers that prevent a direct hit in the pigs. Angry Birds Seasons has over three hundred levels, and having started playing it, you won't be done soon.
Final ratings
Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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