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Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst
Bubble Burst

Review Bubble Burst

Evgenii Kostrov
Bubble Burst is a pretty fascinating arcade game for Windows Phone, which would be a great time-killer, if it didn't addict so much. In fact, its gameplay is very simple, and all you have to do is pop the colored balls when they touch each other in the amount of three pieces and more. Colored bubbles endlessly falling from above and line up in rows under the weight of others. The more bubbles will be destroyed in one move, the more points you get.

Game mode

It's not about extra points for the number of bubbles. Points are assigned for each ball in the same denomination, no matter how much of them were destroyed in one move. The point here is in the rules of the game, depending on the mode. Just the name of Time Mode says that you will have to hurry. You will be given only forty seconds to score game points. In the Click Mode you will be able to make 50 clicks on the screen, and it does not matter whether they were productive, or not. Here will be more time, but the opportunities are practically the same as those in the first mode.
The Switch Mode's feature is that you need to make bubbles change places. Imagine that there is a certain cluster of blue bubbles which are framed over the perimeter with red or other bubbles, and behind them there are some more blue balls. Change the blue bubble located outside the perimeter of the overall cluster, places with the one that interferes, and the whole bunch will burst away. In another way, the bubbles cannot be removed. The fourth mode is called Endless Mode, and it is so easy-going that you can play it for very long without worrying for time or other limitations. The only thing to worry about in this case, is about having free time in such amounts.

Bonuses and their features

The thing that gives a special flavor to the game, is bonuses that are available in abundance. For example, if you burst a bubble with a prickle inside, it starts to fall and explode all the bubbles which touches. An arrow of a bow or crossbow rotating inside a bubble, is also able to destroy a lot of bubbles. It is important to keep track of where it looks when the bubble bursts. It is at this moment exactly the direction of the arrow's flight is determined. Once you pop a bubble with a star inside, all the balls of the same color disappear from the playing field.


Multicolor bonus makes the balls change color with a certain periodicity. Bonus in the form of an hourglass stops the clock in Time Mode and present a few moves in the Click Mode. The game will delight you with not only funny gameplay, but also with high-quality graphics and an excellent soundtrack.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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