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Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style
Lockscreen Style

Review Lockscreen Style

Evgenii Kostrov
Lots of settings, various features, completely free, no ads
Non-intuitive interface
Many owners of modern smartphones love to decorate their favourites with beautiful wallpapers, nice screen savers or skins. The Windows Phone operating system is slightly deficient in this aspect, and the only thing ordinary users can do is to change the color and size of active tiles on the home screen. More or less advanced WP-smartphone owners are trying to create something individual using programs like Wiztiles, but still do not get full enjoyment. One more way to improve the appearance of the smartphone is a fancy set of wallpapers that are installed on a locked screen.
Many are lost when selecting photos from the smartphone gallery and deny themselves the pleasure because some photos have someone extra on them. Or vice versa, you want to see all the dearest people on your screen, but there's no group photo in your collection. Now you can avoid these difficulties because the Lockscreen Style [/ b]program gives you an opportunity to put together a few photos into a wonderful wallpaper. In addition, you can select precisely the areas in the pictures that appeal to you, and this will not cause any harm to the wallpaper appearance.

The range of templates and the procedure

The program has 13 templates with 1, 2, 3 and 4 active zones, which can be filled with different pictures. In order to create a beautiful collage, you need to click on one of the zones, and then select your favorite photo from the smartphone gallery. After that you can move it to any place and adjust the image size so that a selected area was precisely the area of ​​the photo that you want. Actions with other active zones are to be maintained similarly.

Filters applying and text overlaying

Once you've assembled a single image from several pictures, you can apply one of 10 filters to each image to see how the wallpaper will look like together with the date, time and missed events to make sure that the images do not melt with the text and icons. Then, if desired, you can overlay the picture with one of the 20 symbols choosing their color, or write a few lines of text - for example, about the circumstances when the photo was taken.


The background below the text can be colored or transparent. The text itself can be scaled and tilted in different directions. The program also provides an opportunity to change the color of the layer between the photographs and thus highlight certain areas or hide them using contrast. As a result, we get a beautiful screen saver that can be saved in the smartphone gallery and then set on the locked screen.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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bennec  nghihalevali
bennec nghihalevali24 Oct 2018, at 20:39
Help me to download whatsapp on nokia lumia 510
danniel hanley
danniel hanley14 Mar 2014, at 08:27ZTE Orbit
I like it
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