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Review Fragger

Evgenii Kostrov
Let us introduce you to another exciting game for Windows Phone from Miniclip studio, Fragger. The gameplay and physics of the game are somewhat similar to Angry Birds, and the story seems to be taken from some action movie. The main character of the game is a hidden fighter, his face is covered with a mask. However, judging by what is happening on the screen, our character is just having fun and destroys the entire bundles of terrorists while they don't even dare to resist. Bullies stand like having been tied and cannot move, and when a bomb of kinda RGD or F-1 explodes near them, they scatter in different directions.
At your soldier's disposal there are not any weapons. He has a few grenades alone with which he has to destroy all the terrorists. At the beginning of the game, everything is quite simple - negative characters stand in open areas or in deep holes, and grenades reach them without any problems. But then the terrorists will learn to hide behind various shelters or even inside buildings and blindages. In this case you need to calculate the power and direction of throwing more accurately in order to hit the place where the enemies hide.

Use communications to deliver grenades in the right place

After some time there come obstacles that has to be destroyed before you can get to the terrorists. In order to get a grenade in a building where terrorists hide, you have to throw the projectiles into chimneys, air shafts and other holes. When you get along with the gameplay a little, there will appear additional boxes with explosives on the field. Some of them explode at the time a greande detonates, others first fly to a certain height and only then blow up.
On some levels you do not even have to wait for the grenade to explode. The terrorists will stand on thin poles, and to complete the level it will be enough to just beat the bad guys down into the abyss. There is a funny moment. For example, if you hit a terrorist repeatedly on the head with a grenade, he gets mad so much that begin to shake and turns red as a tomato. It looks very funny.

Nuances and requirements in the Fragger game

When using grenades you need to be aware of one of their features. The thing is that grenades explode not after some time after throwing but only after their complete stop. This will be a major problem during attempts to do bang on smooth surfaces - grenades will constantly roll to the edge of the playing field. For passing every level you are given a certain number of grenades. Usually there can be even more of them than you need, but it does not mean that you can relax. The less ammunition you use to destroy the terrorists, the more medals you will get.


The game will delight you with not only fascinating gameplay, but also with great graphics and funny sound. Fragger has over three hundred levels (in full version), so you can forget about a search for timekillers - this game can make it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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