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GPS Speedometer
GPS Speedometer
GPS Speedometer
GPS Speedometer
GPS Speedometer
GPS Speedometer

Review GPS Speedometer

Evgenii Kostrov
Lots of settings, interesting functionality, nice interface, stylish design, fully-featured free version, ads can be disabled
Kills your battery
GPS Speedometer is a one-of-a-kind application for Windows Phone, which will please you with not only rich functionality, but also with graphics and excellent quality. From the name of the program it is clear that its main objective is to measure the speed with help of GPS module. The program works in portrait and landscape mode, but its most important advantage is that it can display the data in an inverted form, as if reflected from a mirror. For what? Let us examine it a little later.

Main functions

In addition to speed in the current moment, the program provides data on the maximum and average speed, travel time and distance traveled since the last reset, and altitude above sea level. Before using the program, you can choose the metric system or the USA standard (miles). Under the image of the speedometer are four icons - a pedestrian, a bicycle, a car and a plane. Depending on which icon you click, the look of the speedometer will be changed stating the appropriate maximum speed. For pedestrians it will be 40 km per hour (20 MPh), for a cyclist 80 km per hour (40 Mph), for a car 300 km per hour (180 MPh) and for aircraft 1,500 km per hour (1000 MPh).
Of course, this is designed more for the sake of convenience, but also looks so attractive that it's hard to resist. Where did you see that the needle of the speedometer ran very quickly? The movies? Here you can set the parameters for a cyclist, and speeding your car watch the speedometer needle takes off at breakneck speed to the very limit.

Color settings

To the left of the analog speedometer there is a digital one. Its functions are not limited to displaying speed, and clicking on it you can change the color scheme of the interface on any of the 10 colors (blue, turquoise, purple, green, orange, pink, yellow, bright green, white and red). Click on the dots, and you will see an additional menu aside where you can get to the settings. There you can customize the color of the gauge and other components in more details.

Delights of the mirror mode

This menu also has a switch with which you can enable mirror mode. Its charm lies in the fact that it allows you to put your smartphone on a dashboard of the car and see the correct (not inverted) speedometer reflected from the car windscreen. Click on the padlock icon at the top of the screen (in portrait mode it's in the center, in a landscape mode it's on the left), and the screen will not turn over because of the dynamic stress on the accelerometer.


Slide the screen to the left, and instead of an analog speedometer with all the other indicators you will see a huge digital speedometer. In general, the program has turned out to be not only useful, but also incredibly beautiful. You can download GPS Speedometer for free and enjoy all of its features without any restrictions, but there will be a small banner on the screen. After purchasing the software, you will get rid of anything that interferes, and be able to enjoy its work genuinely.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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I really like this app, do you do one for Android ?
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