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Feed Me Oil
Feed Me Oil
Feed Me Oil
Feed Me Oil
Feed Me Oil

Review Feed Me Oil

Evgenii Kostrov
Feed Me Oil is a very original game for Windows Phone, in which we are to restore our planet's resources. For a long time mankind has been doing little else than just pumping oil, gas and other minerals out of the Earth. And recently on our planet there have become frequent cases of various disasters and global catastrophes. Many scientists believed that the Earth was taking revenge for our poor attitude to it, and the developers of Electronic Arts studio fully support this point of view.
The Earth deprived of its resources started to mutate and became of eccentric forms, thus creating reservoirs to fill with oil. Perhaps, some of you happened to play the "Where's My Water?" or "Where's My Perry?" on other devices. Well, the Feed Me Oil gameplay will surely remind you of those games. You will have to create a variety of mechanisms and tools, and then deliver oil tapping the pipe.


Typically, oil runs freely, and in order to steer the flow in the right direction, you have to use auxiliary tools. For instance, just place a platform in a certain area of ​​the playing field and adjust its position by rotating it clockwise or counter-clock. It will grow really difficult to play when you need to fill several reservoirs. Moreover, in each of them there is a mark in the form of figures showing how much oil can be split there. You will have to separate the flows yet before you decide to open the valve of the pipeline.
If you touch the screen during the process of pumping the black gold, the game will be interrupted and will return you to the edit mode level. After some time, in addition to naturally occurring obstacles on the playing field there will emerge other mechanisms. They will spray the oil in different directions and steer it where you don't need it to be, and you will have to think how to use the material at hand to solve the problem. If during the game you have any difficulty, simply click on the question mark in the upper left corner, and get a hint.


ControllingControlling of the game is performed with a touch screen. Simply drag and drop tools and mechanisms out of the lower left corner to the appropriate place and adjust them when necessary. The direction of rotation of some of the blades varies with the sliding movement of a finger on the screen. Regarding the graphics, the game is designed in unusual way, and in our opinion, this damaged the quality a little. The whole gameplay is accompanied by a pleasant, relaxing music. You can download the Feed Me Oil game for free and go through several levels before deciding to purchase it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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