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Review Viber

Evgenii Kostrov
Viber is another very useful program for Windows Phone, thanks to which you will be able to communicate with your friends and family for free. It allows you both to chat and to share photos, videos, emoticons and other funny pictures that are present in the catalog chat, as well as to make calls. No doubt you have already thought about Skype, and in some ways you're right, but not in all.
Let's start with the fact that in this application there is no way to make video calls, and this is probably the only one its drawback when compared to Skype. Throughout the rest, the program is rather better than its competitor. The first thing we want to celebrate is an exceptional voice quality. Viber developers are not even afraid to say that the sound quality of calls through their program is much higher than the quality of conversations via GSM-communication. Having tested the program on several smartphones, we came to the conclusion that it is pure truth.
Viber's second advantage over similar products is that in order to communicate with your friends, you no longer need to fill contacts, search for friends using login, and request permission to being added. The program synchronizes with contacts in your address book, thanks to which it know who of your friends use Viber a minute after its start, and creates a separate list of people with whom you can chat for free.

The simplest registration ever

To register for a service, you just need to provide your current phone number and confirm it with a code that will come in reply. At the same time, a server of the program is searching for information on whose phones have your number in them. As soon as the information is found, all of your friends who has your number in their smartphones, will receive a notice of the fact that you also have joined the Viber service. Simultaneously, your contact list will be filled with those contacts who has your one displayed.
While using the program, you will regularly receive a notification that someone you know has connected to Viber, and it's just wonderful. Frankly speaking, before installing the program, we still had some doubts that we would find some of our friends using it. However, the first run showed that we are not alone, and almost every day we receive notice that there has become more of us. Choosing a contact, you can call as usual with GSM-communication, or make a free call over the Internet. If the called person doesn't use Viber, you can send him or her an invitation, and maybe after a while he or she will join this service.


Viber requirementsTo correspond with friends GPRS-Internet is enough, however, to make calls you need 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi-Internet. The main thing is not to grow addict with the program in international roaming, especially if there's no free-access point of Wi-Fi. After testing the program, we have come to the conclusion that it's a really convenient service, and a confirmation of this is its growing popularity.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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I'm having trouble getting viber on my Nokia Lumia 920. Can someone help me please
subham butt
Nokia lumia800 from viber
I like viber and use most to chat with my friends, family members
Hi thank s fois
I can't viber Nokia lumia 900
I can't get viber for window lumia 610
l cant viber lumija 800
I cant viber lumia 710
I think there would be no answers here for years...
I cant install viber to my nokia lumia 610..it said invalid number.....please help
Already my number used viber. But lumia710 setting restart .nest viber download and enter verification phone number enter invalid number. Any number enter invalid please help.
Same problem + viber is out from the marketplace =((
I cant loggig to viber
Brigid Callan
Hello I have a lumia 635 and when my phone updated yesterday I lost access to Viber.  Help. I live in Ireland but am on hols in Greece (lovely country, lovely weather).   I am not very computer savvy (thats putting it mildly) and am trying to re-install to connect with family.  I have connected to Viber but dont know what phone option to use then.  I tried one of them but I don't think it worked.  It installed it but I tried to send a msg but it does not appear to have gone anywhere!! (down a black hole maybe)!!,  So I am panicking a bit.  Could you help me, please?  
kaleab girma
Like your support
amsal abebe
I want to use
hi ,, please help  me, i want  attache PDF file  in viber in nokia lumia 520
Brandon Girod
Hi! Where are you running into an issue?
i want sent  my  friends this file  use  a  viber
please help
or for
 Lumia 950 XL
How long does it take to download the viber app
Brandon Girod
That would depend on your download speed. 
Abdu houssien
nokia lumina 900
Tariq Abdulla
it shouldn't take very long, but there will also be a few set up steps - searching for contacts etc.
My location service does not work on viber on my LUMIA 1320...how can I solve???
Tariq Abdulla
Could you check in the app settings? It's possible that this is disabled
How can I dlwnload viber for Lumina 520
Tariq Abdulla
Hi there, just tap on "free version" link above, to go to the windows store to downlad Viber
Why is video caling not working on Lumia 925
Tariq Abdulla
I don't think Viber actually does video calling!
Andre Leonard
I still cannot find a version of Viber that works on my Nokia Lumia 900 phone with W 7.1 I would appreciate any help in finding a version I can download.
Tariq Abdulla
I'm not totally sure about this, but perhaps you could update to windows 8?
I cannot find a version that works on my Nokia lumia 900 phone. Is there a compatibility checker?
Tariq Abdulla
where do you run into problems? Can you not download it, or does it not work when you run it?
Hi I don't receive the code to install/unlock VIBER after I have provided my phone number. Please help
Tariq Abdulla
not sure exactly, but try making sure you've got both a phone and internet signal
I would like to change my phone number on the Viber application downloaded on my Nokia Lumia 610. How can I do that?
Tariq Abdulla
I'm not sure there's any way to do that, I think it's all linked to your phone number...
ON my nokia lumia 635 it wont do the action like on other peoples phone for the sticker
Tariq Abdulla
you can't send stickers, or your stickers aren't animated? Not sure for this one, check if viber needs updating maybe? Perhaps there's an option for autoplaying stickers in the settings?
I can't installed Viber for Nokia Lumia 630 when I'm try to installed it said there's an error code can't so plz help me
I had downloaded viber on my nokia lumia 630 but didnt find video calling option in it. pls suggest wat to do.
Tariq Abdulla
I don't think this app Viber for Windows Phone supports video calling. You can try other apps, like Skype
Hey!! What does the online status of Viber indicate specially in Lumia phones?? Does it indicate the online status even if you don't use Viber app??
Tariq Abdulla
No, it should mean the person is online, and has the viber app
I cannot download cover on these Nokia Lumia 710....what seems to be the problems
Tariq Abdulla
Have you tapped on "free verion" above to go to the windows store? What happens when you try to install Viber?
viber e'installata ma non risponde ho errore 80004004 che posso fare
binita mallik
I cant install viber
Vlad Popa
What seems to be the trouble? I will need you to be a bit more specific. What exactly prevents you from installing the app? What error messages, if any are displayed? What device model and OS version are you using?
The doodle feature is not showing on my phone, can you please help 
Sudershan Gondi
I am unable to make video call from Lumia 1520
i can't make video calling
I cant send screenshot image from my Lumia 640 through viber, can somebody help me? Thanks.
Tariq Abdulla
first up, are you able to take screenshots? commonly you do this by holding power button at the same time as either volume up or volume down. Then it's a case of finding that image when you go to send a photo through viber - you have to press the back button to get into all pictures, not just camera photos...
I cant install vober
Video calls can they be available for Nokia lumia1020
Видео повиквания могат те да бъдат на разположение за Nokia lumia1020 
I cannot download this app.need help.
How can i download samsung Omnia 7 application for my phone......
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately Viber requires Windows Phone version 8 or 8.1 in order to function. Sadly to my knowledge the latest version for the Omnia 7 is Windows Phone 7.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.
Heyy!! What does the online status of Viber indicate?? I mean does it show online even if u don't use the Viber app????
kader sarddar
Nice service
Hi, I've Lumia 625..how can I logout from Viber not to be online permanently?
Arif mume Boru
Leave in ethiopia
Why is Viber not available for Nokia Lumia 800 with Windows version 7.5, please?
Vlad Popa
The Nokia Lumia 800 has received an upgrade to 7.8, you should definitely get the update.
Even so, Viber requires Windows 8 or 8.1 in order to function and it seems unlikely that compatibility with lower versions will be added as these are rarely still used by developers.
Akhil21 Dec 2014, at 13:49Nokia Lumia 625
I am using Lumia 625. Viber is very good application. But its new updation not available for windows phones. Please give the video calling option for windows phones.
when i try to install the viber on my lumia 610 (win 7.5)  with market place on my phone, i got this notification: " this app is not available for your phone. tap here for more info". and after tapping, it says:"this might be because your phone software needs to be updated, the application is exclusive to a different mobile provider, or the app is not available in your region".
I updated my phone completely last week by Zune, why i get this note? how can i fix it? can you help me, please? thanks
Vlad Popa
If you have updated your device OS then the app is most likely not compatible with your device. As it is a rather old device running a rather old version of Windows OS, this is to be expected from some apps.
nokia lumia 710 phone 7.8  why cant i in
nokia lumia 710 phone 7.8 why cant i in07 Dec 2014, at 01:15
My phone is unable to install this application.
Vlad Popa
Please offer some more details regarding the issue. What exactly happens when you attempt to install the app? Please be as descriptive as possible and also include any error messages displayed.
savita metam
Why can not download install tango viber on my phone nokia Lumia 520?how can i active free call and msg ,video?
Vlad Popa
What exactly is the issue that occurs when attempting to install the app? Does the Windows Store indicate it is incompatible? Does it fail to install? Is an error message displayed?
Please let me know and i will attempt to assist you to the best of my abilities.
Hi why I can't download on Nokia Lumia 520 the app store is working. It say to me error
savita netam
Viber no working in nokia Lumia 520
Viber not working Lumia 820
Why can not download install tango viber on my phon Nokia Lumia 630
Jafar Saberi
Video call does not work on Nokia lumia 800. how can i active Video call? does it have video call ?
Viber video calls cannot be accessed on Nokia 1320?
Not operable in Nokia Lumia 640.
Treasure kaycee
why can't I ave video chat on my viber wd Lumia 625....so annoying grahhhhh.
why i cant install viber in my phone samsung galaxy mini s2 gt6500 i download but he dosent install write install viber when i klick install write opps an error in setup how to do can you plesae tell me 
Viber not working in 920
i cant send voice message in lumia 720 in viber
Can viber work usin Nokia Lumia 520?
Hi,when im going to install viver in my nokia lumia 625,its showing after giving mobile number ,no service ,there is a seems to be connectivity problem check your connection ,im using wify ,my wify already connected plz tell me how to solve problem
Penny Rayner
Why hasn't it been working for the last 24 hours. Is there a problem?
Pricilla Malange
not working in Lumia 520
Newa Stha
Not working in Lumia 625
Princess Savin
I have a Nokia Lumina 625 and I have viber but I can't listen to voice messages. Does anyone know why? Help please?
I have viber on my lumia 925 but it doesn't ring for incoming calls
Please if I will buy nokia 625 is there viber with call and everything ? because I have nokia n8 the viber just send SMS.
Alexander Vorobyev
Viber is supposed to work on all up-to-date phones in case you have a stable Internet connection.
hey i have a problem i cant install viber in my phone samsung galaxy s mini 2 gt6500 when i click install write opss an error in setup a click again but dosent work please tell how to do
Nokia Lumia 920
Can I use viber in this Nokia Lumia 920?? Pls I need advice
Alexander Vorobyev
Yes, you can. However, only the app developers can tell you for sure whether this or that device is compatible with the app.
I was trying to download viber for my phone Nokia Lumia 920 but it doesn't work! It says to enter my phone number, after enter my phone number it says my number is not valid
Alexander Vorobyev
Are you sure that you're typing in your phone number in the right format/order? Also, sometimes the developer limit access of users to the app if they're from this or that country. However rare, but it happens.
the old version is better
the old version is better14 Apr 2014, at 03:40
The old version is better..
paul nokia lumia 520
paul nokia lumia 520 04 Apr 2014, at 00:51Nokia Lumia 520
i can download viber but cant use the cartoon voice mail am i downloading the wrong version???
berih02 Apr 2014, at 20:20Nokia Lumia 520
Hii Alexander i tried to download viber 4.1.1 for my luma 520. But doesnt work. Can you advice me pls ty
Alexander Vorobyev
Hey! Try tweaking your Internet connection settings. Are you sure that you use no proxy? Does it show any error message during the downloading, installation or launch?
sawaira02 Apr 2014, at 17:22Nokia Lumia 1320
In nokia lumia 1320 m not able to know onliine contacts on viber .it is not showing their status.before this i was using iphone 4 .that was good
Alexander Vorobyev
Are you sure your Internet connection quality is good enough? Try disabling Proxy settings if there are any or call your Internet service provider to find out whether there are more people who have the same problem.
I cant connected my phon with viber
Ash26 Mar 2014, at 10:00Nokia Lumia 625
Can i down load viber on Nokia Lumia 625. Please advice me anyone
Alexander Vorobyev
In order to download the app you need to click at the button saying 'Free' that is located above. Please let us know if you would have any other problems.
asif24 Mar 2014, at 19:00Nokia Lumia 720
I dant to download viber for m'y Nokia lomia 720 send me link
Alexander Vorobyev
In order to download the app you need to click at the button saying 'Free' that is located above. Please let us know if you would have any other problems.
mike21 Mar 2014, at 20:23Nokia Lumia 520
I have downloaded viber for my lumia 520 using my computer but how then do I install it on my phone
Alexander Vorobyev
Try registering in Windows Phone instead, logging in using your login and password, and downloading the app on your device from the store.
Pedro19 Mar 2014, at 01:49Nokia Lumia 520
When someone calls me why doesn't my phone ring?
beepsy18 Mar 2014, at 21:03Nokia Lumia 520
I can't download viber and my instagram won't download pleaaaaaase help please
magda17 Mar 2014, at 05:26Nokia Lumia 520
I want viber 4.1.1 when is it possible to download it???
berih14 Mar 2014, at 06:17Nokia Lumia 520
I cant download viber 4.1.1 why can u tell me pls?
tamuna14 Mar 2014, at 02:24HTC Windows Phone 8s
tell me how download games and apps on htc 8s.please
bibish03 Mar 2014, at 10:48Nokia Lumia 520
When can we download viber pleaaase??
greetings27 Feb 2014, at 05:23Nokia Lumia 925
a battle for a classless society & for the world with out border free communication is important
ELSA Brhane
ELSA Brhane27 Feb 2014, at 05:08Nokia Lumia 925
bijma wati
bijma wati21 Feb 2014, at 13:42Nokia Lumia 520
Why i cant download viber on this phone
Allen Joerimann
I cant download viber for my nokia lumia 900 because it doea not support this file. ???
Ndanu Muasya
Ndanu Muasya18 Feb 2014, at 23:10Nokia Lumia 520
Tried downloading viber for my Nokia Lumia 520 without success. Is this App supported by the company? Plz help
Evgenii Kostrov
Get into account in Microsoft or Hotmail and then fill in the profile store Windows Phone
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