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Gravity Guy 2
Gravity Guy 2
Gravity Guy 2
Gravity Guy 2
Gravity Guy 2
Gravity Guy 2

Review Gravity Guy 2

Evgenii Kostrov
Let us introduce you to a wonderful continuation of the game from the Miniclip studio, Gravity Guy 2. The game has changed a lot, and it would be wrong to compare it with the previous version, because it all became different: gameplay and controlling, and the main character himself. The only thing that remains of its predecessor is locations designed in the fantasy style and allowing us to see far into the future. The game takes place on the top of a tower which has no direct path sections.
The main character has to flee across short and long platforms, leaping great distances between them, and collecting bonuses along the way in the form of gold coins hanging in whole cluts. The main character can no longer run upon ceiling, and you can't succeed to control him with one finger anymore. He runs by himself, but you are responsible for overcoming obstacles.

Controlling in Gravity Guy 2

Before the game starts, you are literally forced to go through a little exercise which will show all the nuances of controlling. Now, in order to make our character jump a small height, just click on the button in the lower left corner of the screen. If you double-click, jet boots activate on the feet of the main character, and he will be able to overcome greater heights. In addition to the physical abilities of the hero and his shoes, the game gives us an opportunity to use the power of locations.
For example, in some places our character will run on platforms that can rise up and throw the runner up. If you use this action in conjunction with jet boots, you can overcome even the very high hurdles and prolonged precipies. If the main character is in a jump, the first click on the left button activates the jet turbines on the shoes, but in order to be able to use them again, you will have to make at least one step on the platform.

Obstacles and powerups range

Besides precipies, the game provides a lot of other obstacles. For example, it can be electrical flying bombs or laser devices. Earned in-game money can be spent on the purchase of bonuses or other characters. Bonuses can accelerate the main hero and endow him with different abilities. For example, a magnet will help you collect more money. Passing to new levels you will have an opportunity to increase the power of bonuses (upgrade) and use them more efficiently. If we take the magnet as an example again, it can be said that it will reach a lot more after the upgrade, and you will be able to collect even more game gold.


After collecting enough money, you can change the main character, and it may even become a robot that did not give us rest in the first game. In addition to the gameplay, in this game you will appreciate both the two-dimensional graphics of excellent quality and the great music. You can download the Gravity Guy 2 game for free and play it until hell freezes over, but without the ability to buy powerups and other characters. The full version of the game needs to be purchased.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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