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Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic
Alchemy Classic

Review Alchemy Classic

Evgenii Kostrov
Alchemy Classic is an excellent puzzle game for Windows Phone, which at one time had a huge army of fans even as the version for PC. Having this game started during a short break, you run the risk of parting with your plans for the next few hours, if not days. In this game, you are given the opportunity to try yourself as a powerful alchemist able to create all that surrounds us from the four basic elements - fire, water, earth and air.
Yes, these elements were created before you, do not flatter yourself, so it can be said that you have to go through the path of evolution from the time when our planet was formed. Combining initially available elements properly and in the correct proportions, you can create almost anything from simple tools and natural materials to living organisms and complex mechanisms. And if you show due diligence, you can go beyond the boundaries of our solar system, and meet with representatives of other civilizations.

Gameplay features

We mentioned the proportion of integrated elements at the beginning of the review with purpose, and the developers need to be commended for such a sound approach to the game. In similar games, if you play them, of course, there is only a single use of each element in conjunction with another. Here, for example, one metal and the fire alone can beget several other elements and alloys. Let it be a small hint, but you should know that the melting point of different alloys varies manifold, and here is the same principle. Using a single metal element and a single element of fire, you get one item, and if one element of the metal is combined with several elements of fire, you get a completely different alloy. The same can be done with other elements. The main thing is not to go beyond the boundaries of reason, as the logic in the game is very present, whatever you may say.

Interface and controlling in Alchemy Classic

The game interface is very simple, and for your convenience, groups of elements are separated by classification and relation to natural resources, building materials, tools, nature powers, flora, fauna, machinery, transport, buildings, chemistry, physics, and lots more. In order to get an element on the playing field, open the group you want and drag the element to the center of the screen, or double-click on it. As it was already mentioned, you can drag as many elements simultaneously as you wish, but in order to enable a group of identical elements, you need drop them on top of each other.


That's all there is to tell about the gameplay without revealing all the secrets. The graphics in this game are great, the sound is also quite good and goes well with the gameplay. You can download a free version with an advertising banner and more than 200 elements that need to be created, or pay a symbolic sum so as not to be distracted by advertisements and to try to create 486 elements.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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