Program Swype Keyboard compatible with ZTE V967S on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for ZTE V967S (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Swype KeyboardNuance Communications, Inc
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1 000 000 — 5 000 000
Release date: 24 Apr 2013 Updated: 03 Jan 2014 Version: Size: 17 Mb


World’s most functional keyboard
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev
Wide functionality, nice design, highly customizable, functions quickly and without lags
No significant drawbacks
Swype Keyboard is a great alternative and multifunctional keyboard for Android devices. This app will let you forget about typing: now you will only need to swipe around the keyboard to type in what you want. It’s simple, fun, and exciting. Definitely worth a try.
And though currently the market is full of apps that provide you similar functionality, Swype Keyboard is the industry pioneer which, however, has been developed in the course of five years. Maybe it wasn’t the first to be released, but we can say that it’s certainly the best thing among its counterparts.
The application is highly customizable and lets you choose one of many keyboard themes according to your likes. Apart from it, you will be able to record your speech simply by tapping a button on the keyboard. And though the app counterparts also feature the same function, the audio recording in Swype Keyboard is always very accurate.
Swype Keyboard is an awesome alternative keyboard for Android that offers you lots of features and quick functioning without lags. The application is distributed either for free or for $4 and features no significant drawbacks.
The application Swype Keyboard is compatible with ZTE V967S.


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I was going to use the Nuance one but then managed to find the Swype feating in the samsung galaxy instead. You just go into settings and then language and input then you'll see default Samsung keyboard and there's an arrow to the right of that then you can choose to set up input method which takes you to another screen where you click on the settings for samsung keyboard and click continuous modeReply
Hi there.. I'm using Oppo R831 ColorOS, when i update my phone the Swype spell Checker stop.. I enable spell check in my phone but still it's not functioning.. any advice?Reply
Have you tried reinstalling the app using one of the space management software? Let me know if that helped.Reply
Hello, my lgg2 came with swype, but two months later, the swype option is there but it does not being up the keyboard any more when set as the default. Do you know what Is wrong?Reply
You mean that though it's set as your main keyboard app, you can't use it and the default system keyboard is used instead?Reply