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Slots Tycoon
Slots Tycoon
Slots Tycoon
Slots Tycoon
Slots Tycoon
Game Slots Tycoon compatible with ZTE V889M on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for ZTE V889M (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Slots TycoonZipline Games
(17 215)
500 000 — 1 000 000
Release date: 20 Jul 2012 Updated: 21 Apr 2014 Version: 1.77 Size: Varies with device


Pack of exciting slot machine games
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Slots Tycoon - a huge selection of games slot machines on different subjects from a very different design. In many ways, the game is similar to the Slot Machine , but there are some serious differences related to the very concept of the game.
The main emphasis in this game is made for beauty and graphically. Slots Tycoon can be called the most beautiful arcade games on Android, which work fine as on smartphones and on tablets.


In the beginning, we are given only one type of slot machine, 500 starting coins and the ability to make small bets on three main lines. Playing and making money, we will also pump your level, which gradually increases after each bet. All machines are made in the traditional format with five reels, which are worldwide standard slot machines.
The main rule of successful game - is to keep a positive balance in the account. For this play at first only the minimum rates. To promote your start-up capital in half and then to increase the bet can. But it is not less than the basic amount of 500 coins, or in the heat of passion and risk does remain with zero. Sometimes, there are bonuses in the game, in which you have to guess a happy box with a valuable prize.

Management in Slots Tycoon for Android:

  • Bet - you bet;
  • Lines - the number of lines which will be shot game. Accordingly, the total amount of money you spend, the base rate is equal to the multiplication of the number of lines. This number is written in the Total;
  • Max - pressing this button automatically sets the maximum rate and the maximum number of lines, and Spin. If you lose, you lose a lot of money, but can win a lot;
  • Spin - Home button in the game launcher game machine.
Slots Tycoon developers earn just the most gamblers are in a rush immediately lose all your money, and new ones can be purchased for the performance mini-jobs (huskies game) or bought for real money is a set of coins. Thus, a harmless game can hit your credit card. Be careful!
Summary. Slots Tycoon - it is very beautiful and high quality game machine simulator for Android. Results in the game are more than 15 variations, which are opened as you progress through the game. The game is interesting in that the ability to make big bets and the number of lines increases with the level, and thus lose all the money at once will be difficult.
The application Slots Tycoon is compatible with ZTE V889M.


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