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Crazy Fairies
Crazy Fairies
Crazy Fairies
Crazy Fairies
Crazy Fairies
Game Crazy Fairies compatible with ZTE Blade III on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for ZTE Blade III (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Crazy FairiesSpicy Horse Games
10 000 — 50 000
Release date: 28 Nov 2012 Updated: 22 Nov 2013 Version: 1.1.11 Size: 76 Mb


Turn-based online RPG
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Crazy Fairies - a very interesting and addictive turn-based online RPG for Android, which in a few words can be described as the most successful clone of the legendary fighting game about worms (WORMS). And the game is not stupid perediraet original concept of battles, but modifies it, introducing an element of RPG, throughput, as well as full network battles between players.
Engaged in developing a game studio Spicy Horse Games, which had previously become famous through an unusual series of arcade-quests American Mcgee's Grimm, which appeared on personal computers. As for Crazy Fairies, it was originally designed as a brauzerka game, but in the end the developers decided to adapt it, and for mobile devices (iOS, Android). So, now it is a real cross-platform multiplayer game, you can start on your phone, and continue to pass on your home computer is a browser .


The game has several character classes, which differ in appearance and some ability. Also, each class present their initial set of weapons. On one account, you can create up to a few characters.
After a little training, which can be skipped, we will immediately engage in battles 1v1 against live players. Control of the game is very simple, on opposite sides of the screen are buttons for movement, there are icons at the bottom of weapons, and the power indicator on the right button to attack. For the shot we need to set the direction of your finger, then hold down the fire button and hold it, depending on how far it is necessary to put the bomb.
Besides the functions of movement and shooting, we can also teleport and use the additional magical abilities that are activated with the card. In one move, we pass a small segment of the distance and make one shot (if the shot is going to be very accurate, we will still make one bonus).

The main features of Crazy Fairies for Android:

  • Colorful and pleasant drawn graphics with an unusual set of fantastic characters;
  • Easy and intuitive;
  • Instant selection of an equal opponent;
  • Opportunity to team up and look for opponents on their own;
  • Battle of 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 and "players against the computer."
The most interesting action starts with the third level that can be achieved if the 3-4 win battles. We provide access to group fights, and disclosed that the full potential of the game, because when you take part in the battle of a few living people, to predict the outcome is almost impossible.
Summary. Crazy Fairies - this is a very interesting and entertaining game for Android, which will appeal to all fans of WORMS. At the same time, if you are tired of the simple and primitive geimpleya Angry Birds Star Wars , here you finally have a worthy opponent.
The application Crazy Fairies is compatible with ZTE Blade III.


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