mSecure Password Manager
mSecure Password Manager
mSecure Password Manager
mSecure Password Manager
mSecure Password Manager
mSecure Password Manager
Program mSecure Password Manager compatible with Sony Xperia Tablet S on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for tablet Sony Xperia Tablet S (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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mSecure Password ManagermSeven Software LLC
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Release date: 07 Dec 2011 Updated: 26 Nov 2013 Version: 3.5.3 Size: 8.6 Mb


Password storage app with cloud data sync
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
mSecure Password Manager - is a powerful way to store passwords, credit cards, bills, discounts, coupons, membership cards and other information in a safe place. The program is a multi-platform and has versions for Windows, Mac, iOS, and of course, Android.
Despite the English-language screenshots, the software has full Russification. Simply, it is so safe that does not even give themselves zaskrinshotit.
The main advantage of the password manager is that, first, you will be able to unload the heads of all the passwords and remember one single master password. In addition, you can specify more complex passwords for sites that would be impossible to pick up and crack, because now you do not keep in mind and, therefore, that each site can be used alone, no matter how long the password.
Even if you lose your smartphone, attackers will not be able in any way to gain access to passwords, as they are encrypted using 256-bit algorithm that will not crack even hackers and security services.

Key features mSecure Password Manager:

  • Cloud sync via the cloud Dropbox or Wi-Fi;
  • Hiding passwords from prying eyes and self-locking;
  • Automatic backup of the database;
  • Installation options for self-destruction of the database after a few bad password (only remove the local copy).
Since the main area of ​​application of these programs - passwords for Web sites, here provided for automation of certain functions. For example, if you click in your application, you site, together with the opening of the clipboard will go password and username will appear on a status bar with quick copying.
The program can take 21 types of records, which may include:
  • User names and passwords to access the site;
  • Account details, credit card;
  • Map information security;
  • Data about car insurance;
  • Dress size, membership in the club;
  • Birthdays;
  • The doctor's orders, and more.
For each type has its own arbitrary list of fields to be filled. To a bank account, for example, it would be: bank address, name, number, type. And for the birth name and birth date.
Attention! At the moment passes Discount share. If you specify a site, buying versions for Mac and Windows, the coupon code "GOOGLEPLAYSTORE", you can get programs for these platforms with a 50% discount.
Summary. mSecure Password Manager - a functional and pleasant in the design tool to store passwords with cloud synchronization. If you are not using a password manager for Android and store all your passwords in your head, then it's time to start doing, because it is very convenient and, most importantly, safely.
The application mSecure Password Manager is compatible with Sony Xperia Tablet S.


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