Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space
Game Angry Birds Space compatible with Sony Xperia miro on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Sony Xperia miro (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Angry Birds SpaceRovio Mobile Ltd.
(747 830)
50 000 000 — 100 000 000
Release date: 22 Mar 2012 Updated: 03 Feb 2014 Version: 1.6.9 Size: 49 Mb


Angry Birds in space
Reviewed by: Evgenii Kostrov
True-to-life physics
No significant drawbacks
Angry Birds Space - this is probably the only toy from the series "Angry Birds", which can not be called next. At least for now ... Actors you will see all of the same bird, whose army was increased by one bird, which has the effect of freezing, and the green pigs. According to the story, the birds are already logged in spirit and peck hryushek so that they have moved into space, just to escape from his pursuers. But no such luck.
Number born to wallow in pools could conquer space, born to fly could not lose face, and went there, to deal with disgusting. The main change, with whom you will encounter in this game is, of course, the virtual weightlessness inherent in space, and a small force of gravity, which have the same small planet.
Based on the fact that in this game is worth nothing wrong with the direction of the flight of birds, and this may be the cause of perpetual flight into the depths of outer space, the flight direction of the dotted line is now marked points. As you will notice in the first level, the main thing here - catch area of ​​no return, guaranteeing the fall bird on the planet, inhabited by pigs.
In this case it is not necessary to aim directly at the pigs. Your bird in some levels may take up to a few turns around the planet before it will crash to housing green patch. Also, you will meet the levels in which the pig will represent a planet satellites, flying near its orbit. In this case, it will be enough to break the pig suit, and it's done.


The graphics in the game is still great, and the animation has become even smoother and more enjoyable. Musical accompaniment undergone little arrangement, but the motive remains the same. In total, the game has 60 different levels.
The application Angry Birds Space is compatible with Sony Xperia miro.


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