Game Age of Empire compatible with Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Age of EmpireSilent Ocean
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10 000 000 — 50 000 000
Release date: 08 Sep 2012 Updated: 22 Apr 2014 Version: 2.3.13 Size: 36 Mb


The popular online strategy
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Age of Empire - is an exciting global online strategy for Android, which has more than 10 million people around the world. The essence of the game is to build your own empire, building alliances and conquest of their neighbors. Of course, the game is built entirely on the interaction of the players with each other.
Game development studio is engaged in Silent Ocean, and it is their main and only game project that against the background of many similar social policies could be fired and scored a huge army of fans. Much of this was due to an interesting concept and the weak influence of the in-game purchases on the overall balance of the game.


Externally, the game is very difficult to distinguish from dozens of similar strategies. For example, if you take the game Spartan Wars of Tap4Fun, these games do not differ from each other in visual terms, and have similar gameplay.
By registering in the game, we find ourselves fighting on the global map, where in addition to thousands of other states will also appear and our state. Initially, it will be a few buildings and the main buildings. All this we have to turn into a big growing empire.
The most interesting feature of the game - this is a war for territory and various objects. The lower left hand corner is a button that lets you toggle the view from the local level to the world. And here you can see, apart from our competitors, and locks, many other undeveloped areas, mining shafts, the strategic points, and so on.
In order to gain an object, we need to hire and train an army hero. Themselves fighting in the Age of Empire are in automatic mode, but in turn we can see the tide of battle in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Features Age of Empire for Android:

  • Colorful 2D-graphics;
  • Several million active players;
  • Balanced gameplay;
  • A large number of tips;
  • Friendly players;
  • Ability to create and enter into alliances;
  • The conquest of the territories and hold them.
Recommended after mastering the basics of the game, just to join the alliance, where the game is already in progress at the highest strategic level with winning than individual objects and entire regions.
Summary. Age of Empire - is an interesting tactical online strategy for Android with a lot of players from around the world. When starting the game you sat down to people who speak with the same language, so you can ask for help and advice.
The application Age of Empire is compatible with Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.


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Agree with previous post. Onlone games are important and the fact it does not update SUCKS!Reply
I hate you.when you put old versions you dont care about updating.
Obsolette data. You wasted 1 month hard work on Spartan Wars.
Never cared about customers. Online games are important!