Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
Blood Brothers
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Game Blood Brothers compatible with Samsung SCH-W2013 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Samsung SCH-W2013 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Updated: 03 Mar 2014 Version: Size: 33 Mb


Mixture of a card and step-by-step game
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Blood Brothers - it's amazing and very strange game that combines two genres at once - card games and RPG. Here you will be able to build your own powerful army against evil and take back the lost empire.
At the beginning, we choose one of eight characters, which will make a future leader of the army. It can be: dark knight, light or dark elf, samurai, goblin or orc.


Geimpleya essence is that we walk with his army on a laid paths, collect the chests and find the enemies that will fight. Since the battle is only open to 3 participants from each side, before the fight to choose, who to put on the field. Each of your ally - is a single card that has its own type, and the value of scarcity, by which to assess the "coolness" fighter.
Each monster has its own characteristics, the level of pumping and special skills that should be emphasized. That is, you have got to the creature may have the weakest performance, but have a powerful skill that will determine the outcome of the battle.
Themselves directly in the battles we do not participate, but only puts his cards and see graphically how to play the party, and who does much / take damage.
In fact, the purpose of the creation of Blood Brothers comes an extensive collection of items in your army, and it is quite fun, given that there is more than 500 species of creatures. In addition, each entity can have multiple levels and conditions. For example, if your archer gets a new star, then he develops powerful new armor and iron arrows.


  • More than 500 species of creatures;
  • 8 types of characters;
  • Many types and varieties of cards;
  • Mixing cards to create a more powerful;
  • The unique ability of each entity;
  • All cards in the game are generated randomly;
  • Lots of interesting's Event and online tournaments.
The main thing is a bad point is that in addition to sorting cards, we have nothing else in this game is not in control. Steps are all done at the touch of a button, sometimes there is a choice of where to turn: there, where there are more monsters, or chests. In the battles we do not participate, but only set the conditions for the future victory or defeat. Another game requires constant online connection and asks for the password to your account, so do not be lazy to remember or write down on a piece of paper.
Since the game is free, the game has one major limitation - the amount of energy. That is, after about 30-60 minutes of action points to an end, and before the next smartphone to be delayed for a few hours or pay real money.
Summary. Blood Brothers - this is a very interesting and addictive game that you can play a steady airflow around the clock. The disadvantages include the fact that, immediately grasp the process can be very difficult, and many will delete the game and did not understand what's the "chip."
The application Blood Brothers is compatible with Samsung SCH-W2013.


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jeffgreg6@gmail.com10 Feb 2013, 02:54 0
How do I get the bloodbrothers rpg game on my archos arnova 10b g3 keeps coming up with the device is uncompatible but here it says I can get it on achos tablet
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