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Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms
Bounty Arms

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Bounty Arms
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Review Bounty Arms

Sergei Blyudov
Bounty Arms - a dynamic 3D action game for Android, in which we will play one of the three original characters. The action takes place in a fictional universe where we were waiting for the unusual monsters and robots.
Game development studio is engaged Kerosene Games, creators of such popular games as Bladeslinger. Previous game studio, though a failure in sales, but asked a very high bar graphs, having squeezed out of Tegra 3 devices on all available power. The new game also supports other platforms, but the maximum graphics quality that is available on the Tegra 3.
As for the graphics, the game looks pretty dazzling. Looking for high-quality 3D-image, a huge amount of detail and a lot of fast moving objects, starts to blur the line between consoles, computers and mobile devices. Certainly, this is one of the most graphically advanced games in 2013.


Management in the game by using the virtual joystick, which is located on the left side of the screen and the buttons on the right side of the screen for shooting and jumping. Aim of the game is automatic as soon as we turn around in the direction of the enemy. Also, if the enemy gets too close to us, instead of shooting, we will strike with melee weapons.
Total Bounty Arms in three main characters - a man and an alien robot. Each character has its own set of weapons and skills. To activate the super ability to wait until the round line in the lower right corner will be filled to the maximum, then there will be a special button. For example, when activated alien super power destroys all enemies with sharp rays of the ice.
The game has a small plot, but more attention is paid to the gameplay. Here you will find 10 unique missions and battles with the bosses. Mission constructed so that by the end we were awarded a rating, and also issued a reward, motivate developers to complete missions several times, so you can earn more points and upgrade weapons.

Features of Bounty Arms for Android:

  • Stunning 3D-graphics;
  • High-quality special effects;
  • Simple operation with a virtual joystick and buttons;
  • 10 unique levels with a large variety of moves and secrets;
  • Exciting fights with bosses;
  • Three unique character - man, alien and robot;
  • Addictive gameplay dynamic.
The disadvantages include the game is not the most responsive controls. It is not always captured exactly the goal that you want to destroy. Also, the game is very demanding on hardware, and will not at all smart phones and tablets.
Summary. Bounty Arms - a dynamic shooter for Android with advanced graphics and spectacular special effects. Game is distributed solely to fees and costs as much as $ 5, which is a bit high for not very long game. Buy recommend lovers of full games without in-game purchases and other free2play features.

Final grades

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphic 10/10
Sound 8/10

Reviews in other languages ​​and platforms

Сергей Блюдов
Сергей Блюдов - 9.0/10 (Bounty Arms для Android)
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