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Game Theme Park compatible with Samsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S Duos on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Samsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S Duos (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Theme ParkEA Mobile
1 000 000 — 5 000 000
Updated: 04 Mar 2014 Version: 4.5.49 Size: 250 Mb


Amusement park simulator
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Theme Park - a fascinating simulator for Android-based smartphones, which we can plunge into the process of development and construction of a huge amusement park. We will not only build a park, but also to monitor the quality of service and satisfaction for users.
Game Developed by Electronic Arts, and is the reincarnation of a very old simulator, which at one time to the console SEGA exactly the same name. Developers carefully preserved all the basics of the game, adding improved graphics and a huge number of new attractions that have emerged since the release of the original. The company EA Games known to us from games such as SPY Mouse and Need for Speed: MW .


The first thing we see when entering the Theme Park, - it is completely blank, which we will gradually fill attractions, cafes and other entertainment facilities. We will be able to watch in real time as our guests will have fun, rides and use the revenue to bring us. In addition, we can personally affect the operation of some attractions, playing simple and fun mini-games.
Zone amusement park is divided into specific areas of space and connected by trails. In these places you can build buildings, choosing the proper sizes and parameters. Also, we can work on visual ornaments and decorations, building statues and employing a variety of live performers.

Features Theme Park for Android:

  • Reincarnation of the popular simulator platform SEGA;
  • Improved 3D-graphics with the ability to change the viewing angle;
  • Opportunity to see how things proceed from the neighbors;
  • More than 100 varieties of attractions and shops;
  • A large number of mini-games;
  • The opening of new locations and the unlimited expansion of the park.
Despite all its features and benefits in this game developers from EA Games have managed to sort out with very aggressive donation. In some quests, we are required to buy a free ride, but to find it, we have to scroll through the entire catalog of rides.
Most rides are also unlocked only for the money, and EA Games requesting some unreal amount ranging from 150 rubles. This is rather unfortunate, because this money can buy B / U console SEGA, find an original cartridge and a dip into childhood, when the games did not demand money from us for the extra features.
Summary. Theme Park - this is a very interesting and exciting simulation game that has managed to keep the spirit of the old and very popular game from the 90's. We hope that the developers come to their senses and make the game more humane to the wallets of players, given the devastating number of angry reviews.
The application Theme Park is compatible with Samsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S Duos.


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