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Elements Battle
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Elements Battle
Elements Battle
Elements Battle
Elements Battle
Game Elements Battle compatible with Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Elements BattleGIGL
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Release date: 30 Nov 2012 Updated: 11 Jun 2013 Version: 1.1.4 Size: 30 Mb


A mixture of RPG and puzzle
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Battle of the Elements - an amazing blend of two genres: puzzle, "three in a row" and RPG. The result is a dynamic and rapid game. While the classic version, the puzzle on making crystals in several bored, here manages to keep the game as long as possible.
The development is well-known to us by Game Insight International, which released more than a dozen popular games, including reviews of natives , Paradise Island and the Railroad , you can read on our site.


This is not the first game studio in this genre. We have surveyed a similar game - Diamond Boom , in which one round of puzzle play a strictly limited time (60 seconds). Here the developers have gone a step further and made the rounds on the micro 8-15 seconds. That is, in a very short period of time necessary to find and build the maximum number of items.
Once your time is up, starts walking opponent (the computer), and it will go on the same field. Accordingly, if you fail to make a good combination with a high probability it will make your computer for you.
Most interesting is that this whole process is very simple cleverly interwoven system of fighting and RPG. You and your enemy has a supply of natural shells. If you, for example, to collect a number of three water element, then the enemy will fly one of your charges and water will remove it for a number of lives. The battle ends as soon as you subtract all the enemy of life.
Over time, the Battle of the Elements there are other useful items, such as bombs, chain lightning and drinks that increase the amount of time per round. Use all automatically, all that is required of the player - is the ability to focus for a few seconds and add the maximum number of puzzles.

Features Elements Battle for Android:

  • A unique blend of two genres (puzzle and RPG);
  • Several large worlds;
  • 100 topical tasks;
  • A large number of inventory items and equipment;
  • The extensive system of pumping hero;
  • High-quality graphics and excellent sound;
  • Full Russian translation.
Summary. Battle of the Elements - is very high quality and interesting game that will definitely appeal to all fans of puzzle and arcade puzzles on "three in a row." The game is distributed free of charge, with the effect of donation to a minimum, especially if you are a master of the genre.
The application Elements Battle is compatible with Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y.


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this game is a very butifulReply