ezPDF Reader PDF
ezPDF Reader PDF
ezPDF Reader PDF
ezPDF Reader PDF
ezPDF Reader PDF
ezPDF Reader PDF
ezPDF Reader PDF
Program ezPDF Reader PDF compatible with Samsung GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for tablet Samsung GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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ezPDF Reader PDFUnidocs Inc.
(19 079)
500 000 — 1 000 000
Release date: 26 Dec 2011 Updated: 03 Apr 2014 Version: Size: 13 Mb


Fully-featured app for PDF reading
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
EzPDF Reader PDF program is a complete editor for documents in PDF format and comfortable reading room. Studio Unidocs manage to squeeze in a huge number of mobile application functions that are the envy of many full desktop applications.
PDF - is the most common format for documents, which covered virtually all electronic documentation, technical documentation, and the lion's share of books, magazines and other scans. The thing is that the PDF is able to combine as multimedia information (music, images, videos) and textual information with full-format items.
A key feature of ezPDF Reader PDF developers allocate the program's ability to reproduce PDF-files on Android almost any size and complexity. In this case, the formatting will be fully preserved and adapted for convenient mobile reading.
We would also like to point out another interesting feature, which appeared in the latest versions - the ability to read format ". Epub" (the basic format for e-books), which makes this program very good reader, and thus it becomes a competitor for Cool Reader and Moon + Reader .

Main features of ezPDF Reader PDF for Android:

  • Correctly display the contents of documents with specific optimization display;
  • Playing embedded video and audio segments;
  • Great opportunity to add annotations to a document;
  • Complete set of tools for editing documents with features such as adding text fields, highlighting, underlining, drawing geometric shapes, adding photos, changing colors, and more;
  • Easier to read documents with the ability to change the appearance (to switch to day or night mode) and save the current position;
  • Ability to select text in PDF;
  • Built-in tabs, and more.
Summary. ezPDF Reader PDF across as very serious and solid program. And, it seems, no wonder she is in the top 10 apps for business on the operating system Android. The program comes in two versions: Lite (read-only) to the value of 33 rubles and a full version with the ability to add annotations for 94 rubles.
The application ezPDF Reader PDF is compatible with Samsung GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7.


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