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Program Dropbox compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 Active on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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DropboxDropbox, Inc.
100 000 000 — 500 000 000
Updated: 07 Apr 2014 Version: Version and the size depend on your device


The most popular cloud storage service
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Who knows what is Dropbox? Almost everyone at least once heard about the cloud. And, despite the fact that he is one of the oldest, it does not prevent him to remain the undisputed leader and offer many exclusive features.
At the moment, Dropbox offers 2GB of free cloud space, which can easily be expanded up to 18 GB if you invite your friends and do mini-quests (layknut, comment on, look at the instructions, etc.). Of course, the 2 GB - this is a small number when compared to the competition, but 99% of users are altogether less space. And those who have a lot at once and can buy more gigabytes at a modest price.

Why the need for Dropbox?

With Dropbox is very convenient sync documents between devices and computers. All the important files I have stored it in the cloud, and it is very convenient, because at any moment you can upload the document to your smartphone or tablet and continue to work with him.
More recently, there was a feature in Dropbox Camer Upload, which allows you to automatically upload photos and videos made by the cloud. You make an image in two seconds it gets to Dropbox and 3 seconds is automatically downloaded to your computer, and all! No wires no longer needed! What can I say, even now, when the review is done, the screenshots on your smartphone automatically loaded to your computer, and I can immediately continue to work with them.
Dropbox integrates into a huge number of programs in the Google Play. Almost all office applications support work with cloud. Many programs allow you to download the information it receives directly to Dropbox, for example, the processed images. Cloud is ideal for working with databases, password manager, task, because it allows to always keep on hand the latest information.
Unlike its competitors, Dropbox is stable for several years, and gives very good speed download and upload. You can easily watch videos and listen to music directly from the cloud, even pumping file.
In the settings you can set a password for the application, and specify the method of downloading files (Wi-Fi or mobile internet). At any time, you can share the files to your friends, even if they do not use Dropbox.
The application Dropbox is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.


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Hi, how can i download viber for samsung s5301Reply