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Monster Life
Game Monster Life compatible with Samsung Galaxy Core on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Samsung Galaxy Core (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Release date: 02 Aug 2012 Version: 1.1.5 Size: 145 Mb


Colorful social game from Gameloft
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Monster Life game developed by us all beloved studio Gameloft, to whose mobile products is always more attention, because it is quite a large developer who allows himself to invest big budgets to create new games. We're not talking about a revolution in the genre, but the fact that Monster Life takes a big step forward in comparison with other social games, for sure.
As expected, Monster Life was a very beautiful and colorful social game, with amazing style. Perhaps because of this, the game itself and hangs entire 92 MB, which is quite rare in this genre of games.
Immediately after the first call to the game it is clear that there is anything that we used to see in social games, but multiplied by two. Thus, the game is divided into several components: the courtship and nurturing monsters (mini Tamagotchi), development of the territory, the battle between the monsters and the passage of Special Assignments. All in the game there are 4 large islands, more than 20 varieties of monsters and around 50 different jobs.

Features Monster Life for Android

Each component of the Monster Life lick to shine. Grown monsters can iron, play with them, they bleed levels and, of course, to send them into battle. Of course, for all these pleasures to pay. In the game there are three types of resources: gold, crystals and Dr. stones. With the active game, after a while they will inevitably end, and then have two choices: either to invest money into the game, or wait until the resources are extracted.
To judge by the graphics and the idea itself, it is impossible not to remember the game is close in spirit, Monster Park . There is also a cute monster, crystals similar to Dr. stones cones. Do the developers have come together to create such an outwardly similar games, and it's just a coincidence?
There are over 50 types of buildings, all sorts of attractions, shops, lawns, military sites, in short, all that may be necessary for the rapid cultivation of monsters and victory in battle. When the monster gains a level, it affects not only the performance but also its appearance.


Monster Life - is a quality, free, social game in the world of monsters, with impressive graphics, excellent optimization and entertaining gameplay that will appeal to both adults and children. If you are attracted to games of this genre, you just can not go past this one.
The application Monster Life is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Core.


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