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Game Dawn Hero compatible with QUMO Quest 570 on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for QUMO Quest 570 (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Dawn Hero
Updated: 01 Jan 1970


Mix of strategy and action
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Dawn Hero - an exciting game for Android, which perfectly combines several genres: RPG, strategy and action. In this game we have to help the courageous hero to defeat the army of darkness. We will not act alone, but with the army, consisting of a variety of creatures.
Development of the game deals with a little-known studio samofun. The very idea of ​​the game is also not unique. Such genre was soon nicknamed "Fortress against the fortress," the brightest and the most representative and the most similar - is Army of Darkness Defense of the studio Backflip. By the number of similar items is obvious that the developer was inspired by the game.


Control of the game is very simple. We can only go forward or backward by pressing randomly on the screen, and control the magical attacks and recruitment of troops. Attacking our hero automatically when an opponent appears within reach. If you chose the first knight, you will need to come close, and if the archer or mage, then start shooting from afar.
Copied - does not mean worse. Dawn Hero game has very attractive graphics and well thought-out balance of forces. From the earliest levels, the enemies do not seem immature to win will make considerable efforts.
Energy to hire allies updated automatically. As soon as it will be enough to buy a soldier, its icon will turn white. Also, if digging a little more energy, we can improve the main building. And then the energy will flow a little faster than before.
Between the improvements and the purchase of soldiers necessary to find a compromise. For example, if you took the lead at the moment, you can buy better, and when the enemy is running out for almost a fortress, it is best to throw all the resources to buy troops.

Features Dawn Hero for Android:

  • Colorful 3D-graphics;
  • Easy management;
  • 3 unique character (archer, mage and warrior);
  • Several varieties of magic;
  • Purchase of new soldiers and their improvement;
  • Improvement and bleeding hero;
  • An infinite number of levels.
The disadvantages of these games in the first place, include the concept free2play, which after some time just to kill the desire to play, especially if you are not going to buy something in the game for real money.
Summary. Dawn Hero - is a fun and exciting game for Android, a mixing genres RPG, strategy and action. It's great fun for a few hours and quite addictive time killer. Of this genre also recommend to pay attention to the Battle Cats of Japanese developers.
The application Dawn Hero is compatible with QUMO Quest 570.


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