Game Zombie Evil compatible with MTS Bravo on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for MTS Bravo (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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Zombie EvilFT Games
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Release date: 16 Nov 2012 Updated: 12 Jan 2014 Version: 1.13 Size: 30 Mb


Strengthen the protection of hundreds of zombies
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Zombie Evil - is a fun action game for Android, in which we will defend the small fortification from the angry and hungry zombies. The game shows in 2013, after the apocalypse, which seized power mad professor Dr.Evil, extension of a deadly virus, after which there was only a handful of survivors, including you.
Game developing studio FT Games, which had already produced a number of popular games on the zombie theme. Game Zombie Evil has a very high-quality graphics with colorful animation shots, spraying blood and brains.


Rules of the game are very simple: at every level must withstand several waves of enemies and stay alive. We have a small fortification with a certain amount of life, when the enemy comes to him, he begins to attack.
Have at our disposal an arsenal of small arms and missile weapons, which can be used simultaneously. For shooting to drive your finger on the screen, indicating the direction of the attack. But to throw a grenade, you must click on it and select the affected area. Such an approach reminds us of the popular game for Tegra-devices called Fort Courage .
In Zombie Evil is present more than 14 species of small arms, each of which has its own parameters and attack radius. All weapons must buy cartridges that are very expensive, and therefore often has to do with free classic automatic collection holders. The accumulated money can buy himself a better outfit or pump active and passive skills.
Kind of zombies in the game are very rich, you can meet not only the classic walking dead, but the athletes, zombie dogs, professors and other members of the infected society.

Features Zombie Evil for Android:

  • Huge selection of firearms (shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns) and throwing (grenades, freeze, burn the mixture);
  • All in the game 126 levels separated by 21 scene and three of the world;
  • More than 20 types of zombies, except the huge and evil bosses;
  • Colorful graphics and vivid special effects;
  • Tightening geimpley.
The best part of the game - it's non-stop shooting zombies, which is made as good as possible. Machine or any other weapon in the hands of almost feels. The only significant drawback - it's management, as it is done by an amateur, lacking the usual virtual joystick.
Summary. Zombie Evil - it is a dynamic and entertaining action-arcade game for Android-devices that can safely recommend to all fans of the genre and zombie theme. The game is absolutely free with integrated advertising banner and the ability to buy coins and crystals for real money.
The application Zombie Evil is compatible with MTS Bravo.


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