TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
TrustGo Antivirus
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Program TrustGo Antivirus compatible with Megafon Login on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for Megafon Login (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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TrustGo AntivirusTrustGo Inc.
5 000 000 — 10 000 000
Updated: 01 Jan 1970 Version: 1.3.15 Size: 4,9 Mb


Quality and reliable anti-virus module
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
TrustGo Antivirus - is a promising anti-virus, released with the support of the most popular browser on Android - Dolphin Browser . The main difference between this program - it is an excellent feature, each element of the program is working exactly as it should.
Very strange to find in Google Play antivirus such a high level of quality, with a completely free and without a hint of charge functionality. As with any other antivirus program consists of several modules, each of which we will now consider in more detail.

Key features TurnGo Antivirus

Security Scanner - scans all the applications installed on your phone searches for viruses and potential threats. Unlike Avast, managed to find the game on my smartphone that sends spamnye push notifications. This of course, is not critical threat, but still pleased that antivirus wide search area.
System Manager - This module displays detailed information about the battery, and also shows that now most actively consumes it. Also from here you can see the used memory and unload unnecessary components. There is also a built-in program manager, from which just a click uninstall unneeded software.
Secure Web Browsing - security module for web surfing. Blocking infected websites and pop-ups. It is best to interact with the Dolphin Browser.
Privacy Guard - This module is the guardian of our private information. In this section the complete information about the programs that have access to our location, the ability to send SMS, etc. Advise you to familiarize yourself with these lists and remove suspicious programs.
Data Backup - allows zabekapit a remote server antivirus all of our contacts, messages and call history. Data is stored in a single click and also one-click restore back.
Device Protection - can locate your smartphone via the official website of the anti-virus ( The program not only gives the exact location, but also allows you to lock the device, send a message, turn the siren and remotely wipe all data. Feature works quickly and reliably!
Summary. TrustGo - a quality and a very simple anti-virus for Android, which can be downloaded free of charge, both in the app store Google Play, and from our website.


Fly in the ointment: if read in detail the conditions of use on the site TrustGo, there you can find items such as the collection of information about palm of your hands, and the "possibility" of charging for "extras." However, judging by the reviews, yet no one has money to take off, but, nevertheless, it is obvious that TrustGo collect some statistical data and sells them, due to which it derives income. If you're willing to live with it, then install. In the opposite case, we have an alternative in the form of fair and transparent Dr.Web and Avast .
The application TrustGo Antivirus is compatible with Megafon Login.


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