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Program SoundHound compatible with LG Optimus Vu on system requirements. For more specific advice on compatibility please specify your version of Android for LG Optimus Vu (you can see it in the settings: "About phone" - "About the Software").

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App that recognizes songs using your mic
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
Do you often there are situations when you hear an unfamiliar song on the bus, supermarket or on the street, and it is a disgrace to you like? Artist you do not know your name and, of course, no one can say. And there you are sitting, type in google "funny song TTC TTC tuduts", hoping to find sunk into the soul song is good that you are able to remember a few words. SoundHound is the program and made in order to quickly and painlessly solve this problem.
Application works as follows: you can hear the song playing somewhere that you liked, you get the smartphone, press a switch on the application and the big yellow search button. That's it, in a few seconds the program, with the microphone detects the song and gives you the name, album, year, provides an opportunity to listen to it or buy it. Naturally, all this must be an internet connection, but if not, then SoundHound just write a melody, and look on it can then, when it appears.

Features SoundHound

In addition to its core functionality, SoundHound in a number of additional features. When you start the program you will see interesting music news. But the fun is in the "Statistics". Here you can see which songs most often recognized by users, and which of them are most often published in social networks (Twitter, Facebook). In general, if you want to find something new, then this menu, you should definitely take advantage of.
A useful function, you can select to create a "label" which allows one click on it instantly start searching. To enable it, you must make a long press on the desktop, select the "Shortcut" and find SoundHound. This tab if you want you can bring to the panel lock, of course, if your application allows this smartphone can do.
There were, of course, and fly in the ointment. SoundHound for Android program almost does not recognize Russian-songs. In rare and exceptional cases, it will be able to learn something, but it is better not to rely on it, then the best option would be to just remember the words of the song and look at the old Google.
The application SoundHound is compatible with LG Optimus Vu.


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