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Release date: 20 Jan 2012 Updated: 22 Apr 2014 Version: Version and the size depend on your device


Multifunctional photo editor
Reviewed by: Sergei Blyudov
PicsArt - it's an interesting program, which combines almost all the functions of photo editing. With this program you can not only use ready-made filters to photos, but also process the image in detail, in a couple of clicks to make a beautiful collage, set the frame and much more. PicsArt program you can download free of charge in the App Store Google Play.
PicsArt application is ideal for those looking for it all at once and in one place. In fact, this application can be replaced with a dozen more simple photo editor that you probably use. Here all this comes together and works better than, in addition, an important advantage is the complete Russification.

Key features PicsArt for Android

Overlay effects. After installing the software you will be immediately available about 15 effects, besides you can continue downloading them for free via the internal store. Of course, there's a toll-effects, but they are few.
Drawing. With this tool, you can apply to photos of various ready figures (text footnotes, stickers, hearts, etc.) or to practice with simple brushes.
Camera. With the camera, you can still use a filter to the image and see what you can get pictures. Also in this mode, functions such as Time Lapse (Interval shooting) and Burst Shot (Burst), which in a standard camera missing.
Collages. This mode allows you to create beautiful collages with your settings. Here you can also choose a nice frame or cover for a photo.
For a complete happiness developers included in PicsArt own live wallpapers that funny worms will crawl at you on the screen.
The disadvantages of the application include the annoying ads that and tries to get under your finger. She, by the way, you can turn off completely, but it will have to pay the developers $ 100.


Outcome. PicsArt - this is a great designer for photo processing. We can not say that every function of this application brought to "masterpiece status." For example, a separate application like AfterFocus , does its job better. But here all gathered together in one place, which, moreover, can be downloaded for free.
The application PicsArt is compatible with LG Optimus Black.
Interesting and bright photo editor app
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev
PicsArt is a simple but functional photo editor and camera application for Android that lets you snap a photo or take it directly from your gallery and edit it the way you want. The app features a bright design, convenient interface, and provides you improved functionality in terms of photo editing.
The app main menu will let you snap a photo or take a picture from your gallery and manage it, add effects and filters to a photo, make a collage, or draw something on any image. Controlling the program is really easy: just choose the photo and apply one of the many effects that this app features. When that’s done, you will be able to save the photo to your gallery or share it with your friends using social networks.
Apart from it, you will be able to upload your masterpieces to PicsArt cloud servers and keep them there, which is a more convenient and secure way of managing data.
PicsArt is a great photo editor and camera application for Android devices that’s really easy to use and provides you a lot of features. We believe that it has no significant drawbacks apart from annoying built-in ads and may become a nice replacement for your standard camera app.
The application PicsArt is compatible with LG Optimus Black.


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